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Commanders In Crisis #9 Review: A New Storyline
They set themselves on a fantastic, innovative path … only to end the issue with the same kinds of cliches that plague the majority of the market. Commanders In Crisis #9 Cover Credit: Image Comics The five heroes of Crisis Command have a lot in common Each one was a groundbreaking president of the United States on[...]
Commanders In Crisis #6 Review: One Very Good Comic Book
There are two very, very mild deficits that this issue has, and previous issues did not, but Commanders In Crisis #6 remains one very good comic book. Commanders In Crisis #6 Cover Credit: Image Comics The cover tells the tale of Thunder Woman, the spirit of inspiration, who has come to investigate the death of empathy That,[...]
Commanders In Crisis #5 Review: Wildly, Boldly Ambitious
Image comic Commanders In Crisis returns this month with this issue, #5, being the start of a new story arc What do owners Steve Orlando and Arancia Studio s.n.c bring to the table this time around? Is this a good hopping on point? Commanders In Crisis #5 Cover Credit: Image Comics My partner and I re-read all[...]
Commanders In Crisis #5 Review: Wildly, Boldly Ambitious
Commanders In Crisis #5 is a wildly, boldly ambitious issue that finds the very idea of numbers to be too pedestrian as it literally hurls chunks of brilliance at you the size of a nation-state with no signs of relenting. Commanders In Crisis #5 Cover Credit: Image Without spoiling anything, there are a number of amazing concepts[...]
Commanders In Crisis #4 Review: Unlike Any Other Superhero Comic
A team of five very specific heroes from disparate worlds makes a discovery about the work they do that shakes them all to their foundations, and it is a mind-blower. Commanders In Crisis #4 Cover Credit: Image Comics The facts are these: Four people who were all history-making personalities on parallel Earth's have survived and gained superpowers[...]
Commanders In Crisis #3 Review: Innovative Superhero Storytelling
Commanders In Crisis #3 is sprinkled with heartbreak and the challenges of working together as the clock winds down on an impossible day. Commanders In Crisis #3 Cover Credit: Image The essence of empathy has been infused into a human and murdered Oddly, that person — previously considered a John Doe — has a connection to the[...]
The fans have spoken and they're ready for more Commanders In Crisis? But only if they look like their Canadian boyfriend/girlfriend After a hotly debated twitter showdown with fans, challenging them to do their worst, Steve Orlando will strike a pose in a Canadian Tuxedo That's right, you heard it here first, the beloved comic[...]
Commanders In Crisis #2 Review: Something To See
Somehow, almost impossibly, this issue takes a different tactic by making the happenings here as personal as they could be, revealing the characters behind the powers while not sacrificing the plot. The cover of Commanders In Crisis #2 Credit: Image Comics Five superheroes have come to a world without any, each having something in common All five[...]
Stillwater #2 Review:
Commanders in Crisis #1 sets out to tell an epic superhero crossover event story with brand new characters While this elevator pitch sounds more like a writer's challenge to themself than an actionable premise, let's see how this new Image Comics debut from writer Steve Orlando, artist Davide Tinto, colorist Francesca Carotenuto, letterer Fabio Amelia, and designer Fabrizio Verrocchi reads. Commanders[...]
Commanders In Crisis #1 Review: Bold, Jam-Packed Debut
Commanders In Crisis #1 is a bold, jam-packed debut issue wears its politics on its sleeve as that arm punches a bad guy in the face Carefully balancing exposition, plot development, and action, this new superhero concept takes hints of things you know while introducing all-new characters and a bigger-than-life threat. The cover of Commanders In[...]
Commanders In Crisis #1: Code Green
If Vision was rich in theme, but otherwise just okay and American Ronin #1 was sturdy but unremarkable, Commanders In Crisis #1 pales in comparison to both If I'm charitable, Commanders In Crisis #1 is a great example of how difficult it is to do Grant Morrison-esque big ideas in the superhero genre Commanders In[...]
Commanders In Crisis #1 Launches From Image With 50,000 Orders Already
We're hearing that the new Davide Tinto and Steve Orlando superhero book Commanders In Crisis #1 saw it's Final Order Cut-Off orders hit 50,000 this weekend – a huge success for any series launch, but particularly for a new superhero series with a decidedly indie bent to it It also means that although we won't[...]
Commanders In Crisis gets Unnatural with Mirka Andolfo
We have already reported how Steve Orlando and Davide Tinto are creating a new superhero comic story, Commanders in Crisis, produced by Italian media company Arancia Studio, for Image Comics Commanders in Crisis, Orlando's first freelance job since 2015, is a new take on parallel realities which promises to be bold and surprising (certainly the[...]
Peach Momoko Draws DCeased and Rorschach
And that fourth printing will be getting a cover by Peach Momoko which the #2 second printing will get a black-and-white version of the original main cover by David Finch. Peach Momoko Draws DCeased, Rorschach and Commanders In Crisis Peach Momoko has become the hottest comic book cover artist right now, and is also listed on the[...]
Dad DiDio Writes For Image Comics
Given all the recent upheaval and DC turmoil, many of us are quietly asking ourselves What Would Dan DiDio Do? Well, looks like he's taken his superhero expertise over to Image Comics… Below read an Introduction letter he's written for Image's upcoming superhero series Commanders In Crisis  by one of Dan's favourite writers at DC[...]