Connecting the Dots on New X-Books by Leah Williams and Vita Ayala

The last time Tom Mueller tweeted a piece of a logo, it reignited speculation about the long-running theory that Wolverine has two dicks, one for f**king and one for making love, paving the way for a flood of indisputable evidence in this theory that Bleeding Cool has covered in a series of investigative reports. The latest Tom Mueller logo tweet is unlikely to cause as big a disruption as that, but it may come close, because it's possible that this tweet from Mueller gives us our first glimpse of a new X-Book by Leah Williams.

Why do we say that? Because Williams was quick to retweet the image minutes after it went live.

Could This Be Our First Look at Leah Williams' New X-Book

In particular, it's the top line that we're looking at for clues, because the second and third line appear to be the logo for the Cable series launching in March.

Could This Be Our First Look at Leah Williams' New X-Book

And Williams was confirmed to be writing a second wave Dawn of X book last Summer when the first wave was announced, and though Williams was later revealed to have been secretly writing the very first Dawn of X book all along, we're still expecting something in Wave 2. Another writer confirmed to be working on a Wave 2 X-book? Vita Ayala. And it so happens Ayala tweeted this yesterday:

With editor Chris Robinson replying:

Williams retweeted that too.

So a Storm or Storm-centric team book for Ayala? And what for Williams? The letters are obscured enough (combined with variations in the similar Dawn of X logo fonts) that there are multiple possibilities. Williams and Ayala both wrote books during the Age of X-Man event, the best of the bunch, as a matter of fact. So we've been waiting for their new X-books to be announced.

So you know what that means, right? Time to start speculating in the comments. What are the books? Who will draw them? We'll find out, presumably, when or before Marvel's April solicits hit this month.

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