Cullen Bunn and Laura Braga Scare the Archie Universe with Blossoms 666 in 2019

Announced at New York Comic Con today, world-renowned hero and possessor of the Order of Cyclops Medal of Valor Cullen Bunn and artist Laura Braga are the creative team of a new book in the Archie Horror universe launching in 2019. Blossoms 666 reimagines Archie's Blossoms twins, Cheryl and Jason, and since we've already done vampires and werewolves in Archie horror, in this comic, one of the Blossoms is the anti-christ. Check out the details from the press release below, and look for Blossoms 666 in January.

Comics horror-meister Cullen Bunn and artist Laura Braga are bringing the trouble-making Blossom twins into the Archie Horror stable with a brand new mini-series!

In BLOSSOM 666, launching January 2019, Cheryl and Jason Blossom seem like the wealthy, popular, and likeable teens we know and love, but in this world they harbor a deep, dark secret — one of them is the Anti-Christ! Both want the title, and no one in Riverdale is safe. As Cullen puts it, the new mini is "one part Omen, one part Cruel Intentions, all Archie!"

Cullen Bunn and Laura Braga Scare the Archie Universe with Blossoms 666 in 2019

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