Cyclops Vs Cyclops While Marvel Cancels Wolverine, Captain America And (Insert Here) But Brings Back Monsters Inc

There's plenty to dig around in Marvel's December solicitations.

We know there's a Frank Cho relaunch of Wolverine in January as part of Marvel NOW! Which is why Wolverine #317 in December is being billed as the final issue.

But also Captain America And… is cancelled with #640, the last issue co-starring Black Widow. Will the second Captain America monthly also be relaunched in January? Or will it besimply cancelled, so as not to confuse the existing Captain America relaunch?

Oh yes, they also cancel Uncanny X-Force, but we already know that's being relaunched and coming back. In fact, it's possible that Cable & The X-Force will relaunch with one of its two issues in December, before the final issue of Uncanny X-Force is published, which might be a little presumptuous on its part. Still Cable does have a massive gun, so you'd be hard pressed to argue the point with him.

As for that child in Captain America we pointed out is going to be very important? Arnim Zola's son.

The cover for All-Star X-Men #4 (above) appears to show a Cyclops Vs Cyclops scenario… young versus old?

And Marvel look to re reprinting, and reserialising, Dark Horse's Monsters Inc adaptation from 2001… although they don't mention that bit.

And Uncanny Avengers #3 seems to concentrate quite a lot on the power of the Red Skull's crotch. A well lit crotch too…

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