Dan DiDio On DC Comics And Acknowledging Legacy Numbering

Friend of the site, Andrew, contacted Dan DiDio, co-publisher of DC Comics to try and get an answer on DC Comics' legacy numbering of their monthly and twice-monthly comic books. And whether or not, with so many anniversaries coming up and with Detective Comics and Action Comics doing well with their legacy numbering, there might an opportunity for titles to change their numbers back again.

"Hey Dan DiDio – I tried tracking you down at SDCC this year but kept missing you. I wanted to ask you about Legacy Numbering. Several DC titles are hitting milestone issues in the coming months.

The Flash will hit 700 issues with Vol.5 #39.

Batman will hit 800 issues with Vol.3 #35.

Wonder Woman will hit 700 issues with Vol.5 #34.

Superman will hit 800 issues with Vol.4 #34.

Is there any chance these titles will revert to LegacyNumbering for these anniversaries?"

And Dan took time to reply…

"Thanks for the info and happy to say your numbers match our calculations. We will be acknowledging all these milestones in those titles, but Action 1000 is the big one !"

Action Comics publishes its #984 tomorrow – we discussed what might be in it here. But it sounds like there's no renumbering, but an acknowledgement, such as in Detective Comics #19 a few years ago…


Dan DiDio On DC Comics And Acknowledging Legacy Numbering

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