Daniel Davis And The Ultimate 'You Can Do It' Story

Burr Martin writes for Bleeding Cool:

Are you ready for the ultimate "You Can Do It" story? 11 years ago, artist Daniel Davis visited SDCC with his wife Dawna. While looking around,  he was noticing how many artists just starting out, had tables there, when his wife leaned over and told him, "You know. You could do this."

Seeing that as permission, the very next year he put a book together of steampunk art and bought a table at SDCC. While Davis started in Spokane, Washington, he told me he needed more exposure and eventually moved to Arizona. After 10 years of bringing his unique steampunk art to Cons, he now holds a choice spot at Emerald Con. In fact, the same spot previously held by the Walking Dead booth.

Also, to his surprise, a group of fans had gotten together and started their own scouting group, much like the 501st did with Star Wars.

Davis told me he was so honored, he began to make scouting badges for his customers and fans like a real troop. This fandom group is now so big, it has its own website and will be touring through The U. S. If you'd like to see more I urge you to check out monsterscouts.com

Davis said this has given his art news direction and can't believe how much his company has grown, all because his wife simply told him, "You can do this."

Daniel and Dawna Davis can also be found at steamcrow.com

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