Dark Horse Addresses The Future Of The Star Wars Comic License And What's Coming In "The Star Wars"

dark-horse-comicsJust in from contributor Eric Rezsnyak:

A fan just asked what the Disney buy-out of Lucas means for the comics. This is a direct quote from Dark Horse editor Randy Stradley:

"So far we have not experienced any changes. We are on pins and needles waiting to find out what the future holds for us, and the license. About as near as we can get is we'll find out sometime this year. Going full-speed ahead, and new projects are being lined up at Comic-Con."

The moderator then stated that DH knows that it will be publishing Star Wars comics through 2014.

They also showed some unapproved trailers for the new adaptations for Lucas's original screenplay for "The Star Wars." I see that BC has plenty of stuff up about that already, so I don't think that constitutes as news. Here's what was said, though:

Dark Horse talked about it years ago and were told Lucas would never want anyone to do that. DH had to commission 10 pages of art for the project before Lucas signed off. It's an eight-issue adaptation, starting in September.

Per Stradley: "It's a 'Star Wars' you've never seen before. So many familiar elements about it, but at the same time they're all completely alien. Alderaan is the capital of the Empire. Darth Vader is not a Sith." Jonathan Rinzler writing, Mike Mayhew drawing it. We saw pages with Anakin Starkiller, would-be Jedi, and his first meeting with Princess Leia. He seems like kind of a prick.

At the end of the panel the mod encouraged the room to reach out to Disney and tell the company to keep Star Wars at Dark Horse.

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