Dark Horse Announces TPB Collections of Critical Role Comics

Rich Johnston is out of the office today having anal replacement surgery, which means your pal Jude Terror is left alone to write up all the comics PR for low-effort boosts to my article quota. Yay! Dark Horse Comics has announced that they will collect previous Critical Role comics in two new trade paperback collections, which, now that we think about it, is kinda sorta not news since nearly all single-issue comics are collected that way… but we've already started the article and there's no going back now, folks. Plus, people will click on anything with "Critical Role" in the headline.

From the press release, here's all the deets on those two collections:

Dark Horse Comics and Critical Role are thrilled to announce two new trade paperbacks collecting Critical Role: Vox Machina Origins Series III and Critical Role: The Tales of Exandria — The Bright Queen, respectively.

In the third series of the celebrated Vox Machina Origins comics from Critical Role and Dark Horse, prepare for more misadventure with the New York Times bestselling creative team of Jody Houser (Orphan Black, Stranger Things), Olivia Samson, MSASSYK (Isola, Gotham Academy), Diana Sousa (Isola, Crowded), and Ariana Maher (James Bond, Xena)!

Vox Machina enjoy a week in Westruun's lap of luxury leading up to the Winter's Crest Festival. But that costs coin, which has a bad habit of running out, so they join an underground fighting ring and bash their way to cash. Unfortunately, their ring-fighting turns out to be just a warm-up for a cold reality when a mysterious attack on Winter's Crest festivities leaves the whole town magically frozen––including one of their own. Vox Machina will have to save the day again, against a much bigger foe than they first realized!

In Critical Role: The Tales of Exandria — The Bright Queen, Game Master Matthew Mercer joins Eisner Award-winning writer Darcy van Poelgeest (LittleBird) and fan-favorite artist CoupleofKooks in a brand-new Critical Role story from the mighty Kryn Dynasty!

Leylas Kryn, the Bright Queen, has spent multiple lives in pursuit of assembling the otherworldly Luxon. So when another piece appears nearby, Leylas sends her eternal lover Quana to collect it…with consequences that may threaten the entire Dynasty!


Critical Role: Vox Machina Origins Series III will hit stores on May 4th with Critical Role: The Tales of Exandria — The Bright Queen coming out on June 15th. Check out the covers below.

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