Dark Horse Comics Having Trouble Staying Hard

We've got some ch-ch-changes coming out of Dark Horse Comics this week as the publisher has apparently gone limp when it comes to hardcovers. Dark Horse has notified retailers that two upcoming books originally solicited as hardcovers will now be softcovers, according to PreviewsWorld. The comics in question are Olivia Twist: Honor Among Thieves, by Darin Strauss, Adam Dalva, Emma Vieceli, and Lee Loughridge, and Differently Morphous, by Yahtzee Croshaw and Ethan Kimberling.

• Olivia Twist: Honor Among Thieves (DEC180405, $19.99), solicited as a hardcover, has changed to a softcover.

• Differently Morphous (NOV180259, $12.99), solicited as a hardcover, has changed to a softcover.

It's unknown why Dark Horse has gotten soft on these titles, but we at Bleeding Cool would like to assure them that this sort of thing happens to everyone sometimes and it's nothing to feel bad about. In fact, we heard about a similar thing happening to another publisher, DC Comics, recently, in the same PreviewsWorld product changes newsletter.

• The Watchmen International Edition (New Edition) (MAY190518D), incorrectly solicited as a hardcover, will ship as a trade paperback with lenticular covers and a cover callout to the new HBO series, with a price of $29.99.

But as you can see, despite the unfortunate incident, by experimenting with a lenticular cover and spicing things up with some late night mature-rated cable programming, the publisher was able to provide an entirely adequate, perhaps even satisfying experience for everyone involved and sales will most certainly not be flaccid. Plus, DC always gets off on @#$%ing Alan Moore.

If you're placing orders for any of the titles listed above, please make note of the changes, and if experiencing a hardcover for more than 12 hours, for the love of god, please call a doctor. You're clearly reading too slow.

Dark Horse Comics Having Trouble Staying Hard

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