Dave Sim Turns Cerebus Into Batman Parody With Batvark #1 In August As "Comics' Most Notorious Homophobe"


Recently, Dave Sim brought back the character of Cerebus the Aardvark as a series of gag strips in Cerebus In Hell, with the late departed Cerebus examining his new life  – or death – of torture, and all the other folk he meets in the various levels of damnation.

It didn't do that well. Though it was bizarre to discover Bleeding Cool mentioned along the way.

So Dave Sim has done what he's always done when presented with a challenge of the comic book marketplace. He's ripped it off. Remember Wolverroach? Well, as Batman dominates as the best-selling comic book in comic stores, with Batman, All-Star Batman and The Dark Knight III constantly dominating customer sales charts, he's clearly thought he'll have a go.

Launching in August 2017, Batvark #1 from Aardvark-Vanaheim, on the last Wednesday of every month. The first in a series of one-shots that will have a different parody/homage cover, with a few strips that relate to the cover in question, but will mostly be a chronological reprinting of the Cerebus In Hell strips, just selling a few more copies. And using a character who has appeared a couple of times in that strip.


And, yes, playing on the rather homophobic statements Dave Sim has made over the years. He does like to pick at that sore.

You know, when someone on Twitter asked if I could recommend any non-binary/genderqueer lead characters in comics, I was so close to saying "Cerebus" but… no, that wouldn't have worked.

Dave Sim remains one of the most interesting and accomplished comic book creators alive, though recent medical situations have left him unable to draw. Cerebus In Hell saw him write speech balloons for composite images, and he been recruiting artists for other projects.

Credited writers are Dave Sim and Sandeep Atwal, artists are Dave Sim, Gustave Dore, and the cover is credited to Bob Kane and Dave Sim. I wonder where he'll send that royalty cheque?

And the contents are:

Two-part "Secret Origin of Batvark"; "Batvark's Credo" and finally an answer to "Is Batvark a Homophobe?" Plus reprints of the earliest Cerebus in Hell? online strips (6/24/16 to 6/30/16): first appearance of Fredric Nietzsche; King Solomon writes his lawyer; Literalistic Limbo; first appearance of Jingles, the world's greatest collector of CGC-graded Dog Comics; Avengers movies remade with an all-Kardashian sister cast; Life With Archie Civil War; and more!

Alright, alright, I'm in.

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