David Hitchcock's Process Revealed On Titan's Springheeled Jack – A 'Victorian Fever-Dream'

Today sees the release of new hardcover graphic novel from Titan Comics, Springheeled Jack, set in Victorian England and drawing on some real-life folk traditions about a mysterious phenomenon. It's delicately and evocatively pencilled and written by David Hitchcock in full steampunkish style.

It turns out that Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons are fans. They provided the following supportive blurbs:

An ambitious and masterfully executed Victorian fever-dream – Alan Moore

Expertly told and truly creepy – Dave Gibbons

Here's our preview of Springheeled Jack courtesy of the estimable Mr. Hitchcock where you can see the development of those pencil-layers at work:

SHJ_Cover SHJprocess SHJprocess2 SHJprocess3 SHJprocess4 springAD

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