DC Comics Rumoured to Expand Walmart Presence

DC Comics launched their line of 100-Page Giants exclusively in Walmart a couple of years ago, with a couple of similar titles of Target, before relaunching them all and making the titles available to comic book stores through Diamond. Now that DC has dropped Diamond (almost) entirely, in favour of its two home-grown distributors Lunar and UCS, formed from DCBS and Midtown Comics stores, there are other possibilities emerging, that may indicate a greater, wider plan for DC Comics to push its presence out there, especially coming out of lockdown.

I've received a number of tipoffs that DC Comics and Walmart are either working on another big deal, or have a new deal already in place that would see Walmart carrying all of DC Comics new release comics, young adult graphic novels, classic graphic novels and toys, just like a regular comic shop. This will begin with a test of a wall display that would be setup in all the US Walmart locations that currently stock the DC Giants. It may also have been seen in reaction to the display in the book section that new publisher Allegiance Arts and Entertainment, created by Mitch Breitweiser and Elizabeth Breitweiser, was able to purchase, making DC's current placement as part of the Collectibles department shelving look rather measly in comparison. And occasionally getting dripped upon.

Such a plan may also explain the speed at which DC Comics exited from Diamond Comic Distributors, something specifically criticised. Was there a competitive deal with Walmart waiting in the wings? It may also explain DC's decision to cancel certain 100 Page Giant titles from Diamond while still making them available in Walmart.

This is all still rumour, and the current pandemic may have altered or delayed plans. But enough people seem to have been told about it that it reached me over in South West London.

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