Walmart Drive-Ins Will Show Up Around US Soon, In Their Parking Lots

Walmart Drive-Ins Will Show Up Around US Soon, In Their Parking Lots

Walmarts will convert 160 of their parking lots into drive-in theaters Part of a screening partnership with Tribeca, the screenings will feature stars of the films, and people will have snacks brought to their cars Curbside pick-up of concession type items will also be available at the locations yet to be announced The Walmart screenings[...]

YuMe Harry Potter Capsule Toys Hit Walmart On July 17th

Harry Potter Capsule Toys From YuMe Hit Walmart On July 17th

YuMe is releasing new Harry Potter capsule figures on July 17th, part of Walmart's Collector Con Right around when SDCC would have been, a bunch of products will be in stores as exclusives that fans otherwise would not have been able to get unless they were at the show The Harry Potter figures will come[...]

DC 4-In-1 Backing Board #1

The Walmart Report: New 4 Packs, DC Supply, Diamond Demand

By June 21st Walmarts through the United States are supposed to have 4 Packs of "new" DC comics in stock, displayed, and ready to sell It's ironic that 2 years to the day that the Walmart "exclusive" Giant line was annouced (it was June 22nd 2018), DC ends that line and instead gives Walmart four[...]

DC Replaces Walmart 100-Page Giants With Four-Packs of Comics

This morning, I reported gossip that DC Comics was to be increasing their presence in Walmart stores That regular monthly titles rather than the 100-Page Giants would be sold in US Walmart stores, as well as young adult graphic novels, classic graphic novels and toys, just like a regular comic shop, as part of a[...]

DC Comics Rumoured to Expand Walmart Presence

DC Comics launched their line of 100-Page Giants exclusively in Walmart a couple of years ago, with a couple of similar titles of Target, before relaunching them all and making the titles available to comic book stores through Diamond Now that DC has dropped Diamond (almost) entirely, in favour of its two home-grown distributors Lunar[...]

Howard the Duck #1 Evolution of Howard Incentive Variant Front Cover

Has Walmart Become a Dumping Ground for Marvel Variant Covers?

It's something that Walmart has gotten involved in by now offering the "Mass Market" variants to the DC Giant line and variants in their multi-pack Marvel bundles.  The last batch of Marvel bundles with Walmart exclusive variant covers also came bundled with two additional comics, most of which were rare tiered Marvel variants. The Walmart Variant[...]

DC Cancelled Comics Still Avalable in Walmart

DC Cancelled Comics Available in Walmart – and eBay

But, as was then pointed out to Bleeding Cool, while the titles may have been cancelled, they were still on sale at Walmart Or at least they were, as eBay has provided a secondary market for the titles, selling for two to three times their Walmart cover price.[caption id="attachment_1215628" align="aligncenter" width="350"] DC Cancelled Comics Available[...]

That New DC Comics Origin For The Joker in Walmart Batman Giant #5

Last week we talked about how the new Batman Giant #5, in Walmarts as of last weekend, was promising a new origin of The Joker Now, I am far, far away from the nearest Walmart, and there is no sign of Batman Giant #5 coming to comic book stores, or even digital comics, any time[...]

Batman Giant #5 Comes to Walmart

The Joker Gets a New Origin in Batman Giant #5 in Walmart

But are we getting a new version?Batman Giant #5 came to Walmart this weekend Just as Batman Giant #4 was getting to comic shops - with two different covers, depending whether stores ordered from UCS/Lunar or Diamond Comic Distributors We mentioned the new issue was published by a new printer, LSC Communications from the un-shutdown[...]

Power Rangers Morpher Set Walmart 3

Power Rangers Getting Exclusive Hasbro Collectibles at Walmart

More collectibles are heading our way but this time they are Walmart exclusives First up is a new Lightning Collection 2-pack featuring Mighty Morphin Power Rangers icons Alpha and Zordon This 6 inch scale figure set is highly detailed and must for Ranger fans Alpha 5 will be articulated and will come with a robo-teddy[...]


Mitch and Elizabeth Breitweiser's New Comics Publisher, in Walmart

DC Comics has had considerable success in the last couple of years, placing original titles in Walmart, in their Giant line Marvel has joined them, with a new line of there-pack comic books, with original covers and a low price point Now new publisher Allegiance Arts and Entertainment will be doing something similar The company[...]


Comic Stores Get Walmart Batman Giant #4 From DC This Week

This included Batman Giant #4.[caption id="attachment_1199371" align="aligncenter" width="600"] Comic Stores Get Walmart Edition of Batman Giant #4 From DC This Week Image from source.[/caption]We looked at the printing indicia, which indicated that these were comics printed before te shutdown, by Transcontinental Publishing and potentially stored overrun of the original print run rather than a new[...]

our fighting forces

Jim Lee Sees Our Fighting Forces Giant #1 Sells For $25 on eBay

But as Bleeding Cool's Senior Walmart Reporter Ian Melton reported yesterday, the Walmart distribution from DC and Marvel still keeps going from strength to strength Walmart stores have now received Our Fighting Forces #1, with new content by Brad Meltzer, Jim Lee, Christopher Priest, Larry Hama and more Not everyone lives close to a Walmart store,[...]

dc digital first

DC Expands Digital First Comics – Or Are They Digital Seconds?

In the meantime, we will have properly stoked and protected the demand for comics, keeping fans interested in our characters and stories.” But not so fast, although they are calling them digital firsts, they have all the appearances of being digital seconds, as the stories have all appeared in print in recent Walmart mass-market titles,[...]

Vudu has been purchsed by Fandango from Walmart.

Fandango Buys Vudu Streaming Service From Walmart

NBCUniversal's Fandango, the premium movie ticket seller, has agreed to purchase the digital streaming service Vudu from retail giant Walmart The deal was announced this afternoon and reported by Variety According to numbers provided by Walmart previously, Vudu has over 100 million users It currently offers over 10,000 titles for free, plus some 150,000 titles[...]

rob liefeld bo youngblood

DC Comics, Youngblood and Walmart – The Daily LITG 20th April 2020

You can sign up to receive it as an e-mail here.[caption id="attachment_1196050" align="aligncenter" width="600"] DC Comics, Youngblood and Walmart - The Daily LITG 20th April 2020 Bo by Rob Liefeld.[/caption] DC Comics, Youngblood, Walmart and the 10 Most-Read Stories Yesterday Bleeding Cool continues to report from the comics industry shutdown, as the Diamond distribution monopoly of the[...]

The Amazing Spider-Man #33 Variant Front Cover.

Walmart Adds Dawn Of X to Marvel Variant 3-Packs

So with no new comics in shops for a bit, those who are experiencing a need to buy comics can go pick up Walmart’s new Variant sets Walmart started putting out Marvel 3 Packs in stores a few years ago, and then last year started doing “variant covers” for certain Marvel books.  Some of these[...]

Jim Lee has a story in DC's Fighting Forces

Jim Lee, Brad Meltzer Create New Story For DC's Our Fighting Forces #1

DC reveals the contents and covers for Our Fighting Forces #1, the comic appearing in Walmarts and other mass-market stores about now Though their comic store appearance may be delayed by the current situation Comic book fans may want to take a check at the Walmart comics section when picking up their toilet paper and[...]


Penguin Random House, Ingram, Simon & Schuster Now Distributing Comics

There is also the very strong likelihood that DC Comics will distribute direct market books through the likes of Walmart and Target, stores that are still open as essential providers across the US.It may also be worth noting that in the UK, stores that sign up for a Diamond UK account may not have an[...]