DC Versus Pits The Evil Dark Knights Against The Crime Syndicate

The DC Versus video series can be fun. Most of the time, they put two DC Comic characters against one another and tell you why they will win and why the might lose. Then they leave it up to the viewers to decide. Sometimes the battles are fair or evenly matched, while others seem totally lopsided — and the viewers help choose who they pit against each other. But this week, they've come up with what might be my favorite yet: the Evil Dark Knights from DC's Metal versus the Crime Syndicate.

Dark Knights

The Crime Syndicate is simply an evil version of the Justice League with Ultraman, Superwoman, Owlman, Power Ring, Atomica, Johnny Quick, and more villainous doppelgangers of DC's most powerful heroes.

You'd think they'd be a match for anyone — but imagine that same idea kicked up a notch by adding the mind of Batman. That's what the Evil Dark Knights are. They're evil Bruce Wayne with the powers of the Justice Leaguers. Batman with the speed of the Flash, Batman with a Green Lantern ring, Batman with the power of Cyborg… and all evil and a bit crazy. Red Death, Dawnbreaker, Murder Machine, The Drowned, Devastator, The Merciless, and The Batman Who Laughs.

As powerful as the Crime Syndicate is, I just think when you add in the Batman factor, the Evil Dark Knights are just more ruthless and determined to win.

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