Denver Comic Con '15: Join the Force!


Evan Fries writes from Denver Comic Con,

I'm just going to come out and say it: I want to be a Jedi. Well, okay, maybe not a Jedi, but not a straight up Sith either. Regardless, I just want to be able to wear the cool robes and have a lightsaber. It definitely helps to know that I'm not the only one.


On the far side of the exhibition hall, if one is inclined to venture over, there is a cluster of booths for the Rocky Mountain Fan Force, Rebel Legion Mountain Base, 501st Legion, and Mandalorian Mercs fan and costuming groups. These groups consist of diehard Star Wars fans sharing their love of the Dark Side, the Light Side, and everything in between by appearing at educational, charity, and community events. These folks put together some amazing costumes and have established quite a community internationally, and they do it not for money, but purely out of love for Star Wars and helping out.


The booths for these groups were swarming with people who were curious as to why there were so many Stormtroopers milling about, as well as those who are interested in getting into Star Wars costuming. I was talking to Cat over at the Rebel Legion booth, and casually mentioned that I was thinking about trying my hand at making a Jedi tunic. Without missing a beat, she handed me a card with the links to their forums and gave me her username and the username of their main garrison leader, saying that they'd be happy to help me out. Though, I'm a little intimidated by the amount of work it might take… at least I'm not making a Chewbacca costume, like one of the guys over at the 501st booth. That took him six months to make!


On display by the booths were several full costumes, ranging from the Fetts, clones, troopers, and even Lord Vader himself. There were also racks of weapons that were made with an insane amount of attention to detail. If the displayed costumes weren't enough, there were plenty of folks in full costume and armor milling around and posing for pictures.


The power of Star Wars costuming is still going strong, and it's pretty neat to know that there are groups who have a positive impact on the community located in our own backyards, so to speak. As we hurdle towards the release of The Force Awakens, I have a feeling that more people are going to be signing up for these groups and expanding this world while it expands on screen as well. Heck, there was a large gathering of people standing at the booth to watch the trailer for The Force Awakens on a television. Star Wars is forever, and you can be a part of it, too!

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