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Did The Solicitation For Earth 2 Society Spoil The Whole Of Convergence?

EARTH2SOC_Cv1Mark Bristow writes,

What is Convergence?

Convergence is DC's newest big cross-over event, featuring the appearance of dozens of old DCU characters and storylines that were left behind after the Flashpoint even and 2011's New 52 line-wide relaunch. It also serves as a publishing gap as DC moves their offices to Burbank.

So far, DC has marketed Convergence as a bridge event between the current New 52 books and their slew of new titles coming in June and July, many of which are boasting to feature stronger stories and a looser focus on cross-title continuity.

Unfortunately, the truth of the concept may be much smaller than DC is letting on. Maybe even misleading. The media hype for this event is close to that of the New 52 relaunch, with many chain stores that carry comics(such as Hastings) playing the promotional video on loop in their stores during business hours.

As it stands, Convergence may not be able to carry the weight of it's own hype.

Convergence #1 surprised a lot of readers with its' focus on the New 52 Earth 2 characters. DC launched three weekly series last year, which recently ended in March. The well-received Batman Eternal easily overshadowed the other two weeklies, Futures End and Earth 2: World's End, which have not been received quite as well by fans, much like the ongoing Earth 2 title, which has seen a number of creative shifts in an attempt to salvage its lack of direction after the departure of James Robinson.

With World's End, we saw the end of the New 52 version of the Earth 2 universe at the hands of Darkseid. We know from the June solicits that the Earth 2 heroes do survive and will be granted a new earth to live on as the title restarts as Earth 2 Society.



Art and cover by JORGE JIMENEZ

1:25 Variant cover by PAULO SIQUEIRA

On sale JUNE 10 • 32 pg, FC, $2.99 US • RATED T

Retailers: This issue will ship with two covers. Please see the order form for details.

The survivors of Earth-2's war with Apokolips find themselves on a new world, but can Green Lantern, Power Girl, a new Batman and the other heroes of Earth-2 create a new world that's better than the last, or will their interference and good intentions doom this world, just like the old one?

Spoiler alert?

Did one tiny June solicit just spoil the entire Convergence event?

Convergence features the premise that the many bottled cities will fight for their right to exist on a brand new world. Only one group can survive. What is more suspect is their use of the New 52 Earth 2 heroes as the focus of the main book's story, which has taken a lot of readers off guard. It was not advertised this way. It has been assumed that characters from the old multiverse would star in the main title, especially after DC specifically stated that NO New 52 characters would be taking part in the event. It was to be a celebration of old ideas.

This week, it will be two issues in, and so far, it just reads like a direct continuation of Earth 2: World's End.

Is Convergence simply telling the story of how the New 52 Earth 2 heroes survive and discover a new earth? If so, this may cause a huge backlash, as many fans are hoping to see some of the older DCU concepts be carried into the current universe, whether it be the original Wally West, Azrael, or the original Justice Society of America.

If this is the case, and Convergence really is just a hyped event that's bridging World's End to June's Earth 2 Society, then it seems DC has not been honest with the marketing and purpose of the event. It has NOT been promoted as being related to the New 52 Earth 2 books- titles that many fans have tired of and long left on the shelves. It has been promoted as something closer to a Crisis event, with numerous suggestions that some of the old DC concepts may have a chance to return to continuity.

On the other hand, if the New 52 Earth 2 heroes do discover a new earth, thanks to Telos, it leaves a void where the former New 52 Earth 2 stood. The original Justice Society of America are a part of Convergence, in their own tie-ins. Could they also be finding a new home in the post-New 52 Multiverse?

It wasn't that long ago that we saw Geoff Johns post a random tweet about how much he misses the original JSA, around the time that Convergence was being planned.

Coincidence? Hold on to your butts.

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