'Dinosaucers', 'Wormworld Saga', 'Upgrade Soul' Join Lion Forge Lineup

Announced at New York Comic Con this weekend, publisher Lion Forge is adding three new titles to its publishing lineup: Dinosaucers by Michael Uslan and Andrew PepoyWormworld Saga by Daniel Lieske, and Upgrade Soul by Ezra Clayton Daniels.

Lion Forge Dinosaucers

First up is Dinosaucers, based on a 1980s cartoon produced by DiC Entertainment, which you may remember as the company that produced cheaply animated cartoons in the '80s that paled in comparison to cartoons made by Marvel/Sunbow. Sure, they ruined G.I. Joe, the greatest cartoon ever made, but that doesn't mean we should hold it against this new Lion Forge book.

The show was about anthropomorphic dinosaurs with a button on their chest that could transform them to fearsome prehistoric dinosaurs, a fine gimmick for a toy line that never saw the light of day because the show was canceled after one season. But now it's getting a second chance. Dinosaucers will be written by the show's creator, Michael Uslan, with art by Andrew Pepoy. It's planned as a five issue mini-series, but there could be more to come if it's successful.

Wormwold Saga from Lion's Forge

Also announced was print editions of Wormworld Saga by Daniel LieskeWormwood Saga was first published in 2010 as a "digital graphic novel," which we assume is a fancy way of saying "webcomic." Print editions of the first two volumes raised over $90,000 on Kickstarter a few years back. Now it's coming to Lion Forge, where new volumes of Wormworld Saga will be published every six months.

Finally, Dwayne McDuffie Award-winning webcomic Upgrade Soul, by Ezra Clayton Daniels, is getting a printed graphic novel edition from Lion Forge. Upgrade Soul has its own trailer (for the digital version), which you can check out below:


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