Donald Trump Vs Mark Zuckerberg In New Comic Book Series

Trumps Titans is a comic book series published by Keenspot Entertainment (Jude reviewed the first issue here) that plays up Donald Trump as if he believed his own hype, then taking it forward and making him and his cohorts into honest-to-goodness superheroes, the Trump Titans.

Credited to writer John Barron, the fake name Trump used when pretending to be his own PR agent and drawn by Shawn Remulac who also only has Trumps Titans to his name, they have a new issue 1 out for December. And bringing in another public figure of note for Trumps Titans Vs Mark Zuckerberg #1.

President Donald J. Trump is now the most powerful superhero in the universe and the leader of the greatest super team in history, but will his second term be blocked by the alleged inventor of Facebook, that nerdy genius Mark Zuckerberg? Not if the newest member of Trump's Titans has anything to say about it – Ivanka! The stupidly over the top presidential parody comic is back in an all-new #1 issue, because The Donald has a thing for Number Ones.

This appears to replace the previously planned Trumps Titans Vs Fidget Spinner Force after, I guess, the bottom fell out of that particular bandwagon.

It's a curious choice, as Facebook was the medium of choice that saw Trump elected as President Of The United States last year. Should it be a "Versus" grudge match? Isn't it more likely that they would be in cahoots? Billionaire loves billionaire after all.

They also have "Ivanka Unbound" and "Fake News" variant covers. Look for it in December…



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