Donny Cates Did Not Buy Original Cover Art To Miracleman #1 After All

Donny Cates Watch! Yesterday, Bleeding Cool "reported" that Donny Cates has tweeted out his latest acquisition at New York Comic Con, saying "I might have just f-cked around and bought the original art to MIRACLEMAN #1" adding "I almost had a heart attack when I saw it for sale."

Donny Cates Bought Miracleman #1 Cover From
Donny Cates Didn't Buy Miracleman #1 Cover Art

Miracleman #1 was a color reprint of the first Marvelman stories from Warrior Magazine by Alan Moore and Garry Leach from 1982, published by Quality and Eclipse in 1985, at a time when Alan Moore was becoming a major name in the USA, but a year before Watchmen debuted. It's considered one of the very best superhero comic books of all time and influenced everything from Man Of Steel to Squadron Supreme, from Kingdom Come to The Authority, it also got caught up in seriously complex legal issues. When Eclipse stopped publishing Miracleman, Neil Gaiman and Mark Buckingham were working on the stories. Marvel Comics, who reprinted the published comics more recently have stated that the series will return and will conclude from Gaiman and Buckingham, but that is years late at this point. And now Donny Cates owns the original Garry Leach cover… or did he?

Des Skinn, the original publisher of Warrior Magazine, who has the idea to revive Marvelman and hired Garry Leach and then Alan Moore to revive and remake the character, posted on Facebook in a response to Donny Cates' original tweet posted by Glenn Miller.

Donny Cates Did Not Buy The Original Cover Art To Miracleman #1 After All
 Donny Cates Facebook screencap

So Donny Cates had not bought the original artwork, despite being convinced that this is what was being sold to him, rather a "recreation" of the original cover by Garry Leach many years later. We pointed out the issue to Donny and soon enough, everyone was e-mailing each other. Donny's manager Doug Peters of Comic Sketch Art told Bleeding Cool "There was a misunderstanding, at purchase, about the pieces published originality. This misunderstanding was rectified shortly after purchase and the dealer had no issue with the return of the piece. It was settled amicably with no hard feelings on either side." Which is good to hear. But sometimes if a purchase seems too good to be true, that may be because it is…

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