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Donny Cates, Geoff Shaw's Crossover – Legal Challenge By DC Comics?
Throw in the legal fight over Marvelman and Miracleman though the years and he may we be the most litigated for or against character in comic books. Given all that, maybe Donny Cates, Geoff Shaw and Image Comics decided that another run around the law courts, a cease and desist letter would be enough to make[...]
Donny Cates is the bad boy of comics.
We have to help each other." Donny Cates is looking to commission Miracleman artwork from artists without work. Donny Cates is especially looking for people to draw him Miracleman/Marvelman imagery He wrote "If you're an artist and need some ends right now, I collect commissions of MIRACLEMAN if you had time and wanted to do one[...]
doctor who
This was the period when Swamp Thing, Marvelman were all the rage and Watchmen was just beginning Cartmel had tried to get Moore to write for the show. can't be loaded because JavaScript is disabled: Goodbye Mel, Hello Ace! | Dragonfire | Doctor Who ( Ace was the nickname of Dorothy, a teenager from the[...]
At Last, Here Comes Grant Morrison's Miracleman, With Joe Quesada..
Grant Morrison has talked a  few times about the Kid Marvelman story he was asked to write for Warrior Magazine back in the day, after they'd fallen on bad terms with Alan Moore, only to get a note from Alan Moore asking him please not to. Well, there's no one to stop him now. We'd previously told[...]
Possibly The Only Remaining Copy Of Marvelman #26 Sells For Over $4000
Spread the word: Marvel is looking for a copy of MARVELMAN #26 from1954 (the second issue) so we can include it in the reprint hardcover. — Tom Brevoort (@TomBrevoort) June 15, 2010 Five years ago, Marvel's Tom Brevoort was on the hunt for Marvelman #26, published in 1954, the second issue of the British Marvelman comic so they could reprint[...]
Bananaman – Or Miracleman?
Kev F Sutherland is a stand up comedian, comedy show producer, sock puppeteer, comic book writer/artist and educator. When the London UKCACs came to an
Miracleman #4 To Include Marvelman Summer Special And Warpsmith Stories From A1
It's been interesting to see exactly what stories will be contained in the Marvel reprints of Marvelman, issue by issue, what they include and what they leave out Including Yesterday's Gambit was appreciated, but there is more to come. The Marvelman Summer Special, published by Quality to accompany Warrior was the comic that merited a cease[...]
Miracleman – Goodbye To Nipples, But Sideboob Is A-Okay
I remember looking at earlier printed of Marvelman – Warrior, Eclipse, English collection, French collection, and realised I was able to judge how well a version has been reproduced very quickly by whether you could see the edge of Liz Moran's nipple in one specific scene. I was a teenager, it was going to happen. And I[...]