Drew Ford Suggests You Take A Dose

It's Alive publisher Drew Ford is to publish the popular sci-fi webcomic Dose by Sean Ellis and John Gebbia.

"As a true comic book geek, I've been an admirer of It's Alive! for a long time." said series writer Sean Ellis, "I've backed their crowdfunding campaigns and purchased their books from my local comic shop. I can't begin to describe how excited we are to be published by It's Alive!, a company we not only respect and admire, but think is just all-around super cool." When asked why he chose to publish I, Ford replied, "First off, the premise really intrigued me. Then I saw the artwork, and I knew I wanted to help Sean and John get DOSE! on the shelves!"

Dose is a reinterpretation of the super hero genre which explores what would happen to society if the technology and superhero population introduced in the Silver Age of Comics grew exponentially through today. Super Powers are mundane, kaiju walk the streets, and cybernetic enhancement surgery is just a phone call away—if you have the cubits to pay for it, that is. Within this environment, we meet the Screw Worm, an unemployed, ex-teenage metahero sidekick with a growing dependency on drugs and too much time on his hands. Through a series of calamitous events, the Screw Worm unwittingly stumbles onto a conspiracy that threatens to hasten the destruction of a world already teetering on the edge of collapse.

"Think of Dose as Super Heroes by way of Heavy Metal magazine. If that concept appeals to you, then you'll probably dig our comic." says John Gebbia.  "While we've built a loyal and enthusiastic audience of fans online, we're often asked where people can buy a physical copy of Dose" said Sean Ellis, "Teaming up with It's Alive! finally gives us that opportunity."

Fans can now purchase copies of Dose #1 via a crowdfunding campaign at IndieGogo here.

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