Drunk With Power: Penny Dora And The Wishing Box #4 Is The Most Exciting Issue Yet


There has been a pretty decent gap in time since the last issue of Penny Dora and the Wishing Box from Image Comics, written by Michael Stock, with art by Sina Grace. It was nice to see a brand new issue on the shelves this week. Penny Dora and the Wishing Box #4 pits Penny in a difficult position, as Emily now has possession of the box and it using it in a vengeful way. I have to say, I wasn't expecting such an intense issue, but boy was it entertaining!

I've enjoyed the Penny Dora and the Wishing Box series since the first issue. The sweet charming innocence of Penny's character sucked me right in, along with the compelling concept. I remember reading the third issue and feeling satisfied, but wanting a little bit more. It was the confidence in knowing that things would eventually explode that kept me hanging on. Emily's character is the antithesis of Penny, and controls the magical wishing box in a not so admirable way. Of course, as a reader it makes you wonder how you would handle such power. You would no doubt wish for certain things that are a bit out there, but the treatment of others is what's wrong with Emily in this situation. She's drunk with power, and doesn't care what anyone thinks of her. (Except the magic mirror.)

I was pretty thankful for her brother Tobias' presence throughout the issue. While Penny is being tortured, he's off being a young mastermind trying to figure out a way to defeat his sister from her evil ways. Michael Stock's script is truly gripping. This is by far the most climactic issue of Penny Dora and the Wishing Box thus far. As always, Sina Grace's beautiful art is a delight to look at. Prepare yourself for one heck of a cliffhanger at the end of the issue! Hopefully we won't have to wait too long to read the next.

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