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Eat The Rich #4 Review: A Nail Biter

Eat The Rich #4 doesn't stay satisfied with a seat at the table with an unflinchingly brutal look at the one percent. With great character work for its lead and some surprising plot twists, this series just keeps getting better as it takes out the whole dining room.

Eat The Rich #4 Review: A Nail Biter
Eat The Rich #4 Cover. Credit: BOOM! Studios

To start, this is some seriously messed up stuff happening here. Crestfall Bluffs is a community full of the ultra-rich who victimize the vulnerable with lucrative employment contracts and world-class health care, all so they can murder and eat their minions at the end of the contract. Josephine "Joey" Dorsey discovered this when her boyfriend, fortunate son Astor, brought her back to the Bluffs to meet the family … and they not only accepted her as one of them but fed her some human flesh, which is wildly addictive. Yikes!

Now Joey's caught between an estranged relationship with Astor (who didn't tell her), awkwardness with his parents (who think this is all a good thing), and a new confidante (who is significantly complicating matters). Sarah Galley's script takes the reader on a roller coaster ride with amazing quotes ("capitalism is coercion") while the visuals from Pius Bak, Roman Titov, and especially Cardinal Rae (who takes on extra storytelling work with extra-sized text elements) somehow take what could have been a set of talking heads and made it a nail biter.

There's no telling where all of this is going, but getting there is gripping. RATING: BUY.

Eat The Rich #4
By Sarah Galley, Pius Bak
Even as Joey struggles to make sense of everything she's seen, what role her beloved Astor has in it, and what it means for her relationship with him, Crestfall Bluffs is a flurry of activity preparing for the Thistleburn Unveiling Gala Party. When Joey intervenes in a situation she doesn't fully understand, it will bring everything to a head in the most unexpected way!

Eat The Rich #4

Eat The Rich #4 Review: A Nail Biter
Review by Hannibal Tabu

Giving in to temptation is no riskier than cavorting with capitalist cannibals, and a young co-ed struggles with how much she doesn’t know.

Elizabeth Brei, Ramiro Portnoy

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