ECCC: Robert Kirkman Considered Killing Glenn Two Years Earlier In The Walking Dead Comic Book


Robert Kirkman is doing a Q&A panel at Emerald City Comic Con right now, and Bleeding Cool is watching closely in case he decides to insult a rival comic book publisher again. Asked if he has an alternate version of The Walking Dead in his head where characters who have been killed have a better afterlife, Kirkman responded: "Nope. Definitely not. If anything there is an unending brutal hell where they get killed over and over again in different ways. There are a lot of alternatives. Things that I changed my mind on and decided aren't gonna work. So there are different storylines, like where Tyrese lasted longer and did this. Sometimes I come back to those and use those plotlines for others."

Then he revealed that, in one of those variables, beloved character Glenn, who died in Walking Dead #100, actually dies about fifteen issues earlier.

"There was a big variable with Glenn where he was gonna die much sooner," Kirkman revealed.  "There was a cover, 88 or 89, where Maggie is changing her clothes and you see a guy in the window looking at her. When that cover was drawn, Glenn was gonna die a few issues before then, and someone in Alexandria was gonna be obsessed with her."

"If you read that issue, Glenn and Maggie have an argument, and he says 'I feel like I'm outside our relationship looking in,'" he continued. "So I said, that cover is still usable. It's a metaphor."

We checked it out, and while Kirkman had the idea right, he was actually off by about 10 issues. Here's the cover for Walking Dead #77:




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