The Eight Year Old Batman Of Utah

Eight year old Luke Purcell, of Layton, Utah, likes to cycle round his block dressed as Batman. Last week, he was playing with a friend at their house, dressed as Batman, when he saw smoke coming from the roof of a nearby house.

Thankfully he chose not to race to the Batbike and tackle the blaze himself.

The Standard Examiner reports Luke as saying;

"I was playing with my friend, and I thought I smelled fireworks. I saw a lot of smoke coming from the roof of the house. I told his mom about the smoke so she could call the firefighters."

Firemen came and doused the flames. The paper reports that;

Luke's room is filled with Batman toys, a Batcave, books about Batman and, naturally, when asked what he likes to watch on TV, "Batman" is his reply. Most of his clothes even have a Batman logo.

But his favorite thing to do as Batman is to pedal his bike down the sidewalk with his black cape billowing behind him.

Batman Inc seems to be hiring them younger and younger each year…

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