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Dr. Volt’s Comic Connection in Salt Lake City
Volt's Comic Connection of Salt Lake City, Utah, is named after the original owner of the store who used to be a pro-wrestler and who named the store after his character The store passed through a number of hands and was sold to current owner Dave Landa twenty years ago in 2001 Or that was[...]
Ryan Reynolds Weighs In On Utah's Drinking-While-Watching Deadpool Laws
https://t.co/vUSptxaHb9 — Ryan Reynolds (@VancityReynolds) April 24, 2016 Ah, so that's where that traffic bump came earlier today. Ryan Reynolds has weighed in on the Utah watching-Deadpool-while-drinking-alcohol sting operation Via a Bleeding Cool article by Dan Wickline. Hope you stick around Ryan! Thank god, they've found a way to legislate fun https://t.co/vUSptxaHb9 — Ryan Reynolds (@VancityReynolds) April 24, 2016 Ah,[...]
Utah Theater Faces $25,000 Fine For Showing Deadpool With Beer
A Utah theater could lose it's liquor license and be fined up to $25,000.00 for showing Deadpool and serving alcohol There is a law prohibiting the showing of nudity, sex acts and alcohol in one spot The theater, Brewvies, is claiming the law is unconstitutional. On February 23rd, to undercover investigators from the Utah Department of Alcoholic Beverage[...]
Tuesday Runaround – "Women Aren't Supposed To Be Artists"
Longtime employee Elaine Powell, her husband Les, and son, Matthew will take ownership of the Arlington and Fort Worth Lone Star Comics locations, which will be renamed Wild West Comics & Games. PAX At Play Cosplay at PAX Prime in music… [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0jKOt0qfaqA[/youtube] Utah Saints Salt Lake City, Utah had it's first Comic Con over the weekend and it was a[...]
The Eight Year Old Batman Of Utah
Eight year old Luke Purcell, of Layton, Utah, likes to cycle round his block dressed as Batman Last week, he was playing with a friend at their house, dressed as Batman, when he saw smoke coming from the roof of a nearby house. Thankfully he chose not to race to the Batbike and tackle the blaze[...]
New York Times Put Real Life Superheroes On The Front Page
Today the New York Times has put Real Life Super Heroes on the front paage of their paper in an article talking about Salt Lake City's own Utah saints, Black Monday comprised of  Red Voltage, Asylum, Nihilist and more. "Red Voltage, who in mild-mannered daytime life is a 23-year-old residential leasing manager named Roman Daniels, casually[...]