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Eleven Gossipy Spoilers For Upcoming Batman Comics

We did this for the X-Men comic books back in August, a couple of times. Recently, given Bleeding Cool adept ability to read the Defund Batman tea leaves ahead of Batman #101. I've been asked if I can do similar with upcoming Batman comic books from DC Comics. Well, I will do my best. So here are eight spoilers for upcoming Batman comic books. What you believe is entirely up to you. Feel free to return at the end of November to mark just how well we did. Your mileage, and salt level as ever, may vary. Just know what you are getting into.

Eleven Gossipy Spoilers For Upcoming Batman Comics
Eleven Gossipy Spoilers For Upcoming Batman Comics
  1. Batman and Ghost-Maker have known each other since they were teenagers, both rivals and friends, from Morocco to Dublin to the Gobi Desert to Gotham. Less of the friends part, now of course.

Eleven Gossipy Spoilers For Upcoming Batman Comics

2. If Ghost-Maker had Batman's billions, he would have moved the population of Gotham elsewhere, and then burned it to the ground. Instead, he has to do a better job of dealing with crime in Gotham than Batman ever has.

Eleven Gossipy Spoilers For Upcoming Batman Comics

3. Clownhunter calls the baseball bat with a batarang embedded in it that he swings around killing Joker clowns, his "bat-bat." He does not distinguish Harley from the rest of the clowns.

Eleven Gossipy Spoilers For Upcoming Batman Comics

4. As you can see, Harley Quinn has a plant pot of Poison Ivy she talks to, in her new Little Santa Prisca, Gotham apartment. And that's not all she does with it. Naughty Harley.

Eleven Gossipy Spoilers For Upcoming Batman Comics

5. Punchline knows all about The Killing Joke – just not how it went down.

6. The Smile Bar is a hangout for Grinners, Joker henchmen who can't work for other crime bosses, because of their mental and physical changes.

7. Barbara Gordon is still Oracle, going into 2021. She can see Cassandra Cain and Stephanie Brown as Batgirls – with Stephanie as Batman's eyes and ears on the street. But Oracle can't see Ghost-Maker.

8. Ghost-Maker and Batman had an agreement that he would leave Gotham alone. But that was then.

9. The Batman's Grave #2 confirmed that Gotham does not have the death penalty. However, in the ongoing Batman series, we discover that Gotham does indeed have capital punishment. Guess it doesn't get used much though. Different continuities?

10. Talking of different continuities, long has Jim known about Barbara? This week suggests it may already be out there.

11. And who else has Jason Todd been kissing?

Come back over the next few weeks, or months, and see what matches up.

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