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Dublin Gets A Batman, And Ghost-Maker Gets An Enemy (BatSpoilers)
I mean, he can't ever get his ward Clownhunter's name right in tomorrow's Batman Inc #4. With Clownhunter also  starting to catch up with who the hell this person is that Batman landed him with – and who Batman put in charge of Batman Inc He may be behaving a bit better these days, but he's[...]
Could Clownhunter Be Tim Drake's New Boyfriend? (Batspoilers)
Well, today's Batman #114 sees the third part of the story DIY by Brandon Thomas, Jason Howard, Clayton Cowles, and Dave Wielgosz portraying Tim Drake fighting alongside Clownhunter, the new young Gotham vigilante Bao Pham, with a taste for killing members of the Joker's gang – though maybe softening his ways to grievous bodily harm instead. And[...]
Batman Secret Files Clownhunter #1 is in stores from DC Comics on Tuesday, and the titular anti-hero is doing to clowns what we all wish we could Have a little taste of your own, medicine, clowns! Now you're the ones that need to be afraid! Check out the preview below. BATMAN SECRET FILES CLOWNHUNTER #1 (ONE[...]
Batman Secret Files: Clownhunter #1
DC Comics is determined to make Clownhunter happen Bao Pham, the boy with a bat and a batarang dubbed his bat-bat, taking down clowns, in revenge for what the Joker did to his family – and all those who follow the Joker in one shape or other And now getting his own special Batman: Secret[...]
Harley Quinn To Blame For Clownhunter (Batman Annual #5 Spoilers)
In Batman #103, Clownhunter went for Harley Quinn in a big way, blaming her for the Joker's actions, something she didn't take too kindly to, let alone any responsibility. Batman #103 – credit: DC Comics Ghost-Maker got in the way of that, but the situation reared its head again in Batman #104 With the news that the[...]
Batman #103 Review: Somewhat Entertaining
Credit: DC Comics The two caped combatants start fighting as the very confused teenaged vigilante Clownhunter watches, and Oracle (the sometimes Batgirl, Barbara Gordon) is unable to get a bead on him "I can't see whoever you're fighting, from any angle," she says over comms, "and his voice is distorted!" "You won't get him on record," Batman[...]
Eleven Gossipy Spoilers For Upcoming Batman Comics
Clownhunter calls the baseball bat with a batarang embedded in it that he swings around killing Joker clowns, his "bat-bat." He does not distinguish Harley from the rest of the clowns. 4 As you can see, Harley Quinn has a plant pot of Poison Ivy she talks to, in her new Little Santa Prisca, Gotham apartment[...]
Mopping Up The Joker War Clowns With Nightwing, Batman and Clownhunter
Spoilers for Bat-titles ahead! In Batman #100, Batman visited Clownhunter, a kid called Bao Pham who took a role of taking down Joker henchmen in the Joker War, in a very permanent way, and looks to be continuing that mission, after the War had finished As he said, in his Ultimate Universe-lower case. Batman #100 artwork/ Batman[...]
Will Ghost-Maker Deal With Problems Batman Won't? Batman #100…
Ra's Al Ghul, Henri Ducard, Chu Chiun Lu, Tsunetomo, Shian Matsuda, Ted Grant, John Zatara, Harvey Harris, Kirigi, David Cain, Willie Doggett, Wong Fei… who did he share lessons with Ghost-Maker under? And hey, this is a capitalist system, of course, Gotham gets to choose who protects them, and won't be swayed by the guy with[...]
Batman #100 Clownhunter Showdown Less Showdown-y Than Expected
The solicitation of Batman #100 promises "Don't miss the first showdown between Batman and Clownhunter" And Batman #100 delivers… ish Turns out it might be not as much fun to see Batman beating up a kid as you might have thought, especially one who speaks like he's from Marvel Ultimate Universe And he has a[...]
The Joker War Rewrites The Mark Of Zorro (Batman #96 Spoilers)
Clownhunter is the name of the latest Batman character with a big upcoming arc in 2021, and set up in The Joker War A young fellow who speaks in sentence case like he's from the Ultimate Universe or something, with a mission to kill a lot of the Joker's henchmen, dressed as clowns Hence, Clownhunter[...]
The Joker War Rewrites The Mark Of Zorro (Batman #96 Spoilers)
This is what James Tynion IV said about the creation of Clownhunter, who makes his debut in Batman #96, published today Just the one-page mind, but it's enough to make an impact He wrote back in May, I was looking at my plans for Joker War and noticed that I was missing something pretty big in[...]
Four PaBatman #100 Preview
That still seems to be the case in Batman #100 as Barbara Gordon, rather than Batgirl, performs her role as Oracle, as Batwing, Batwoman, Nightwing, Red Hood and more take to the streets of Gotham – as well as the new character Clownhunter in this double-page spread. Barbara Gordon as Oracle in Four Pages From Batman[...]
James Tynion IV Teases Ghost-Hunter for Batman #100
But first he talked about Spoiler… James Tynion IV Teases Ghost-Hunter for Batman #100. We announced Joker War Zone last week, and I was thrilled they also released the variant cover which features Cassandra Cain donning a very familiar costume… There's ANOTHER classic character in the JWZ issue who people have been clamoring to appear in Joker[...]
With Jorge Jimenez design covers of Clownhunter and Harley Quinn fr Batman #96 and #97, out in August. Clownhunter and Harley Quinn Join Batman #96 and #97 Jorge Jimenez art from DC.   In Batman #96, reeling from the effects of the worst Joker toxin attack ever, Batman is on the run through Gotham City, pursued by the[...]
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It's also time for him to do what he promised and talk about the new Batman character tied to the Joker and Punchline,  Clownhunter He writes, Now, when I first thought up the name Clownhunter, I was thinking about a story that was going to follow Joker War (I don't even think Joker War was called[...]
Clownhunter Comes To DC Comics June 2020 Solicitations
Three Jokers, a DCeased Dead Planet and… Clownhunter. DCEASED: DEAD PLANET #1 written by TOM TAYLOR art by TREVOR HAIRSINE, STEFANO GAUDIANO, and GIGI BALDISSINI cover by DAVID FINCH card stock variant cover by FRANCESCO MATTINA card stock movie homage variant cover by BEN OLIVER blank variant cover After a corrupted Anti-Life Equation turned billions into monsters—including Earth's Greatest Heroes—our planet was as[...]