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Batman Secret Files Clownhunter #1 is in stores from DC Comics on Tuesday, and the titular anti-hero is doing to clowns what we all wish we could Have a little taste of your own, medicine, clowns! Now you're the ones that need to be afraid! Check out the preview below. BATMAN SECRET FILES CLOWNHUNTER #1 (ONE[...]
Batman Secret Files: Clownhunter #1
DC Comics is determined to make Clownhunter happen Bao Pham, the boy with a bat and a batarang dubbed his bat-bat, taking down clowns, in revenge for what the Joker did to his family – and all those who follow the Joker in one shape or other And now getting his own special Batman: Secret[...]
Harley Quinn To Blame For Clownhunter (Batman Annual #5 Spoilers)
In Batman #103, Clownhunter went for Harley Quinn in a big way, blaming her for the Joker's actions, something she didn't take too kindly to, let alone any responsibility. Batman #103 – credit: DC Comics Ghost-Maker got in the way of that, but the situation reared its head again in Batman #104 With the news that the[...]
Batman #103 Review: Somewhat Entertaining
Credit: DC Comics The two caped combatants start fighting as the very confused teenaged vigilante Clownhunter watches, and Oracle (the sometimes Batgirl, Barbara Gordon) is unable to get a bead on him "I can't see whoever you're fighting, from any angle," she says over comms, "and his voice is distorted!" "You won't get him on record," Batman[...]
Eleven Gossipy Spoilers For Upcoming Batman Comics
Clownhunter calls the baseball bat with a batarang embedded in it that he swings around killing Joker clowns, his "bat-bat." He does not distinguish Harley from the rest of the clowns. 4 As you can see, Harley Quinn has a plant pot of Poison Ivy she talks to, in her new Little Santa Prisca, Gotham apartment[...]
Mopping Up The Joker War Clowns With Nightwing, Batman and Clownhunter
Spoilers for Bat-titles ahead! In Batman #100, Batman visited Clownhunter, a kid called Bao Pham who took a role of taking down Joker henchmen in the Joker War, in a very permanent way, and looks to be continuing that mission, after the War had finished As he said, in his Ultimate Universe-lower case. Batman #100 artwork/ Batman[...]
Will Ghost-Maker Deal With Problems Batman Won't? Batman #100…
Ra's Al Ghul, Henri Ducard, Chu Chiun Lu, Tsunetomo, Shian Matsuda, Ted Grant, John Zatara, Harvey Harris, Kirigi, David Cain, Willie Doggett, Wong Fei… who did he share lessons with Ghost-Maker under? And hey, this is a capitalist system, of course, Gotham gets to choose who protects them, and won't be swayed by the guy with[...]
Batman #100 Clownhunter Showdown Less Showdown-y Than Expected
The solicitation of Batman #100 promises "Don't miss the first showdown between Batman and Clownhunter" And Batman #100 delivers… ish Turns out it might be not as much fun to see Batman beating up a kid as you might have thought, especially one who speaks like he's from Marvel Ultimate Universe And he has a[...]
The Joker War Rewrites The Mark Of Zorro (Batman #96 Spoilers)
Clownhunter is the name of the latest Batman character with a big upcoming arc in 2021, and set up in The Joker War A young fellow who speaks in sentence case like he's from the Ultimate Universe or something, with a mission to kill a lot of the Joker's henchmen, dressed as clowns Hence, Clownhunter[...]
The Joker War Rewrites The Mark Of Zorro (Batman #96 Spoilers)
This is what James Tynion IV said about the creation of Clownhunter, who makes his debut in Batman #96, published today Just the one-page mind, but it's enough to make an impact He wrote back in May, I was looking at my plans for Joker War and noticed that I was missing something pretty big in[...]
Four PaBatman #100 Preview
That still seems to be the case in Batman #100 as Barbara Gordon, rather than Batgirl, performs her role as Oracle, as Batwing, Batwoman, Nightwing, Red Hood and more take to the streets of Gotham – as well as the new character Clownhunter in this double-page spread. Barbara Gordon as Oracle in Four Pages From Batman[...]
James Tynion IV Teases Ghost-Hunter for Batman #100
But first he talked about Spoiler… James Tynion IV Teases Ghost-Hunter for Batman #100. We announced Joker War Zone last week, and I was thrilled they also released the variant cover which features Cassandra Cain donning a very familiar costume… There's ANOTHER classic character in the JWZ issue who people have been clamoring to appear in Joker[...]
With Jorge Jimenez design covers of Clownhunter and Harley Quinn fr Batman #96 and #97, out in August. Clownhunter and Harley Quinn Join Batman #96 and #97 Jorge Jimenez art from DC.   In Batman #96, reeling from the effects of the worst Joker toxin attack ever, Batman is on the run through Gotham City, pursued by the[...]
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It's also time for him to do what he promised and talk about the new Batman character tied to the Joker and Punchline,  Clownhunter He writes, Now, when I first thought up the name Clownhunter, I was thinking about a story that was going to follow Joker War (I don't even think Joker War was called[...]