Enter The Jughead: Jughead The Hunger One Shot

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(Eliot - We can't show you images from this, but we can link to the prieview and put up covers...)
(Eliot – We can only show you a few images from this, here's the preview, more covers at the end…)

Fans of the Archie horror line unite! Frank Tieri and Michael Walsh are teaming up to bring you Jughead The Hunger, a delicious one shot to hold you over until Afterlife and Sabrina pick back up.

As with Afterlife, and to a lesser extent Archie's Weird Mysteries: The Archie's In The Jugman Jughead is the catalyst for this gruesome story. Jughead is my favorite character so I don't really mind that he's used for all the catastrophic crap in Riverdale. But for once I'd like to see Veronica or maybe a secondary character cause something awful. It wold give that character more depth by far.

Tieri sets up what could be a great new line for Archie horror. The characters are represented well here, but Betty and Jughead both steal the show. Archie is reduced to the side kick best friend in this story and that's ok. We also don't see much from the rest of the Riverdale gang, but it's better to not have a large ensemble cast for a pretty dark story. The three characters carry this well. The story is straight forward and simple, but don't think of that as a bad thing. The story pulls the reader in from the very first panel.

Walsh is a fantastic artist. This is a step above the other two horror stories in terms of gore. His close up shots of Jughead are downright disturbing.

Jughead - The Hunger - Cover A - No Masthead - Michael Walsh - Pages 14-15

The fear he shows in the characters faces is tangible. I also appreciated the use of pearls on the first page, which seem to go hand in hand with cold blooded murder (like Batman's parents).


Walsh and Dee Cunniffe are master colorists, using a similar color palette to Afterlife. The dark colors set a fantastic mood, one that is eerie and reeks of death. It's certainly the opposite of classic, colorful, and lively Archie.

I highly recommend this book to horror fans, and Archie fans in general. This book is rated teen+ so parents keep that in mind. You can pre-order the book on the Archie Website.

Jughead The Hunger is due out March 29, 2017.

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Covers A & B

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