Exclusive First Look At Dynamite's October Covers – Flash Gordon, Justice Inc And The Gold Key Books

This weekend we are going to be sharing with you an exclusive first look at the covers of the Dynamite books coming out in October before they are solicited. So you'll be seeing them before anyone else… unless you work at Dynamite.

Kicking it off we've got the Gold Key characters, Justice Inc and Flash Gordon.

A – Gold Key: Magnus

Magnus discovers an Arctic research station that pre-dates the Age of the Singularity! What horrendous secrets will he discover, what will it mean for human and robotkind… and how do these discoveries continue to unlock The Gold Key Universe?

Magnus08-Cov-Hardman Magnus08-Cov-SubscriptSmith 

B – Gold Key: Turok

All-new arc, the perfect jumping-on point!  Turok heads to England, meets Robin Hood, gets swept up in an out-of-control struggle for power, and starts to learn why dinosaurs still exist… and what that has to do with asteroids and falling in love. (Seriously. That all happens in this issue.)

Turok09-Cov-Lee Turok09-Cov-Sears 

C – Gold Key: Solar

In "Spaceship of Death," Solar – powerless and light-years from earth – has no choice but to stow away on a random cargo ship headed in the general direction of the Milky Way.  But she's quick to discover that she's not the only dangerous cosmic-powered being on board…

Solar07-Cov-Doe Solar07-Cov-SubscriptLau 

B – Justice, Inc #3

Miraculously, the zombie-like and frozen Richard Henry Benson is alive!  But, shockingly, so many others are slaughtered!  What all-powerful villain or villains lurk behind the plot to kill so many wealthy men of industry?  Is it Shiwan Khan?  The Voodoo Master?  Both?  Meanwhile, Doc Savage and The Shadow help Benson in an effort to reclaim his stolen humanity and use his bold yet cursed new powers to seek justice… as he alone defines it.  Can three mysterious beings of starkly contrasting ideologies and methodologies cast aside their inherent differences and band together to conquer an overwhelming threat?  The answer comes in the midst of a surprise attack on Doc Savage's fortress, finally revealing the true evil force out to destroy this newly formed triumvirate:  Justice, Inc.!      

JusticeInc03-Cov-Francavilla-NOTFINAL JusticeInc03-Cov-Syaf JusticeInc03-Cov-Ross JusticeInc03-Cov-Hardman 

C – Flash Gordon #7

We can't tell you what happens in this issue.  Sorry.  We'll say that Jeff Parker (Aquaman! Batman '66!) wrote it, Evan Shaner (Adventures Of Superman!) drew it, Jordie Bellaire (Moon Knight!) colored it… and Flash Gordon is involved.  But trust us… you don't want us to spoil what happens. (Note:  It is 95 trillion pounds of awesome in a ten-pound space bag!)

Flash07-Cov-AniversaryCastro Flash07-Cov-SubscriptHaeser Flash07-Cov-Laming

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