Fanboy Rampage: Gail Simone vs. Miracle Whip Over Which Condiment Millennials Should Kill

Should that be Fangirl Rampage? Fansauce Rampage?

Since its inception, Twitter has been a godsend for the 24-hour comics news cycle, providing an endless supply of articles when comic book creators interact with fans. The latest feud to hit Twitter, however, isn't between two comic creators or comic creators and fans. Rather, it's superstar writer Gail Simone vs… Miracle Whip?!

Fanboy Rampage: Gail Simone vs. Miracle Whip Over Which Condiment Millennials Should Kill

Responding to a recent viral article lamenting that millennials have killed egg-based sandwich topping mayonnaise, one in a long line of ridiculous articles on various publications where baby boomers and gen-xers complain that the things they liked are no longer as popular as they once were with younger generations, a phenomenon that is clearly completely new and has never happened to any generation before in the history of human civilization, Simone took to Twitter to wish millennials had killed off a different condiment.

Miracle Whip, a proud defender of both millennials and Miracle Whip, quickly responded.

Simone quickly backed down, asking the mayonnaise-adjacent dressing brand for forgiveness.

While others thanked the Kraft corporation for slumming it with us lowlives on social media.

And forgiveness was granted:

And a new connection formed:

But maybe not too deep a connection:

And so ends this instant classic feud between Gail Simone and Miracle Whip… for now, at least.

But we can't help but ask: was it over too quickly? Was the interaction less rude and outrageous than it could be? In other words: are millennials killing Twitter feuds? Hmmm…

Fanboy Rampage was a blog by Graeme "Graham" McMillan dedicated to the funniest, most ludicrous and most inappropriate comic book back-and-forths online. McMillan has moved on now, becoming a proper journalist for the likes of The Hollywood Reporter and Wired but he gave permission to Bleeding Cool to revive his great creation.

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