Fanboy Rampage: Mile High Comics Vs MyComicShop Over Consignment

In their most recent newsletter, Chuck Rozanski/Bettie Pages of Colorado -based Mile High Comics wrote;

"On a side note, I want to mention that we own outright all ten million+ of the comics and collectibles on display in our Jason St. Mega-Store. Unlike some of our less well-funded brethren, we have never had to rely on consignments in order to capitalize our inventory. It is true that we did go deeply in debt several times during the 51 years that we have been in business in order to (very slowly) build our inventory into becoming the largest in the world, but all of our bank debt was totally paid off soon after we sold our 56th Ave. warehouse building, in 2017. After decades of struggle, finally being free of our banks is a true joy!"

Consignment is when a comic store agrees to hold and represent a comic or collection of comics rather than buying it from the seller. When the store then sells the comic, they split the proceeds with the seller as agreed. It helps with cashflow for the comic store, and means the store is not stuck with dead stock, they can always hand it back to the seller, but it may mean less profit overall for the store for a successful sale. There are swings and roundabouts for both parties.

Mile High Comics Vs MyComicShop, Over Consignment
Fanboy Rampage: Mile High Comics Vs MyComicShop, Over Consignment

But in his own newsletter, competing comic book seller Buddy Sanders of Texas-based MyComicShop did the newsletter equivalent of subtweeting Mile High Comics, saying;

A competitor's odd claim.

Not all comic buyers–stores or internet retailers–offer a consignment option along with a readiness to buy comic book collections. Those of us that do provide a consignment option do so for a reason so obvious it need not be explained, but I'll explain anyway, given that I recently read a posting by an internet seller who said he was so well funded that he always has plenty of cash to buy, and implies that no one would ever want to consign rather than sell. Really? He needs to talk to a few of those folks who consign with us big time, or for that matter, with Heritage, ComicLink, Metropolis, etc. The consignment option is a very popular option. And as to who can afford to buy, MyComicShop is by magnitudes far better funded than our industry friend, as are the other consignment folks previously mentioned."

He didn't actually explain why though, I hope we managed. Nor did he explain why, in his linked blog in which he stated that he believes that Joe Biden stole the Presidential election. As you do. Nevertheless, it looks like it will be Mile High Comics' turn to serve in this matter.

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