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What The Comic Shop In Extraordinary Means
But there are more retailers with their own particular take on things that are worth reporting as well. Screencap from Extraordinary Chuck Rozanski of Mile High Comics Chuck Rozanski of Mile High Comics had some things to say about all this in his newsletter Because he sees some of the same problems that Phil Boyle  does but has[...]
Chuck Rozanski
Chuck Rozanski is the very well-known name in comic books, behind Mile High Comics, one of the most prominent comic book retailers in America, with the largest back-issue comics warehouse in the world The backbone of the US comic collecting market throughout its history, Chuck moved from prominent and large detailed print ads running in[...]
Chuck Rozanski Buys Superman #7 & Fantastic Four #1-400 Collection
Chuck Rozanski is a well-known name in comic books, behind Mile High Comics, one of the most prominent comic book retailers in America, with the largest back issue comics warehouse The backbone of the US comic collecting market throughout its history, they moved from prominent and large detailed print ads running in the comics themselves,[...]
Do You Have A Plan For Your Comic Collection When You Die?
And was reminded of the necessity of such, from Chuck Rozanski, writing on his Mile High Comics newsletter today He writes; #gallery-1 { margin: auto; } #gallery-1 .gallery-item { float: left; margin-top: 10px; text-align: center; width: 20%; } #gallery-1 img { border: 2px solid #cfcfcf; } #gallery-1 .gallery-caption { margin-left: 0; } /* see gallery_shortcode() in wp-includes/media.php */ Yesterday, I (once again) let my desire to be of help to others overrule[...]
The First Mile High Comics Catolog Is Now Itself Being Auctioned
Heritage Auction has the first catalog for Mile High Comics' Edgar Church Collection up for auction itself and currently at $125, part of today's Animation & Art Weekly Online Auction 122119 listings with a couple of days to go. The First Mile High Comics Catolog Is Now Itself Being Auctioned It's a copy that was originally stapled inside The[...]
Mile High Comics Vs MyComicShop, Over Consignment
In their most recent newsletter, Chuck Rozanski/Bettie Pages of Colorado -based Mile High Comics wrote; "On a side note, I want to mention that we own outright all ten million+ of the comics and collectibles on display in our Jason St Mega-Store Unlike some of our less well-funded brethren, we have never had to rely on[...]
Mile High Comics And MyComicShop, Taking On Staff In 2021
Two different views on 2021 from two very different comic book store owners – Chuck Rozanski/Bettie Pages, President of one of the biggest comic book mail order chains in the US, Mile High Comics, and Buddy Sanders, President of MyComicShop, another of the biggest comic book mail order chains in the US Both have been[...]
Yesterday there was a confluence of retailer response to DC distribution changes courtesy of Mile High Comics and Impulse Creations, Gerry Conway's reaction to how police use the Punisher skull and Marvel liquidating a bunch of omnibuses, while Warren Ellis turned up the gay notch on Marvel Illustrated Swimsuit Special Welcome all, to the daily[...]
Mile High Comics Launches 'DC Sucks' 50% Off Sale
In a fit of curiosity, wondering how UCS, Lunar and DC Comics were going to continuing distribution monthly copies to the UK and the rest of Europe without bankrupting everyone, I recalled that Chuck Rozanski of Mile High Comics had a German shipping hub to facilitate his international shipping, sending everything to one place where[...]
Mile High Comics is the longest-running, best known mail-order seller of comic books Owned by Chuck Rozanski, as MyComicShop shuts down from selling online, they are ramping up They are giving 65% off their standard back-issue prices A well as free shipping for $60 in the USA and $150 internationally You just have to use[...]
Mile High Comics Breaks Up With San Diego Comic Con
In a newsletter posted on their website titled "Mile High Comics Withdraws From San Diego Comic Con After 44 Years," Mile High Comics president Chuck Rozanski announced that the gigantic retailer will not be attending San Diego Comic Con, ending a relationship that has lasted nearly half a century. To answer the numerous questions that we[...]
Exactly When Mile High Comics Started To Make Money At SDCC
At San Diego Comic Con, I reported on Mile High Comics; Chuck Rozanski's plans for the show Taking on the big boys and their exclusive comics by spending $200,000 on exclusive variant and second prints of the new Star Wars books from Marvel. Well, before the show he had broken even on the Star Wars variants that[...]
Driver Dies After Car Crashes Into Mile High Comics
Denver CBS News reports that, yesterday, a car drove into the Mile High Comics warehouse in Denver, killing the driver No one else was at the premises at the time. [youtube][/youtube] Owner Chuck Rozanski talked to the TV station, telling them that the police told him the driver was a seventeen year old woman[...]
Checking In With Mile High Comics President Chuck Rozanski
Chuck Rozanski is the president and CEO of Mile High Comics in Denver, Colorado, the largest comic book store in the country Over the years Rozanski has appeared at numerous comic cons including San Diego In the following interview, Rozanski addressed some comics-related topics during Stan Lee's Comikaze Expo held in Los Angeles. Jason Strangis: In[...]
Yes, San Diego Comic Con, Mile High Comics *Will* Be Returning In 2015
Last week, Mile High Comics' Chuck Rozanski was bemoaning San Diego Comic Con, blaming the rise of the high dollar exclusive items being sold on the show floor sucking away the dollars from people's pockets, to the extent that after losing $10,000 this year, he felt he couldn't do another show, after forty-two years. He has,[...]
Batman 75 And Denver Comic Con 2014 – The Pre-Party, At Mile High Comics (HI RES UPDATE)
[youtube][/youtube] Before the Denver Comic Con, Mile High Comics held a pre-party event, fully showing off their Mega Store, and attracting about 3,000 attendees on their own. They weren't even put off by Chuck Rozanski doing a little song and dance routine on their newly-constructed performance stage… [youtube][/youtube] They also took the opportunity of having a bunch of comic[...]
Celebrating Free Comic Book Day At Mile High Comics In Denver
By Andrea "Yunie" McFall This past Saturday, May 3rd, Mile High Comics opened its doors for the annual celebration of Free Comic Book Day! With friends from the other side of the state, we attended in costume to see what all was being offered by the giant warehouse on Jason Street here in Denver, Colorado.    While not[...]
Matt Campbell Wants You To Come To Mythica
Ehart, Mile High Comics Campbell is a Colorado based illustrator and comic book artist who has worked with CCP Comics, World Leaderz, Nayantara Studios, Versicolor as well as many independent creators to provide his artistic touch to book covers, table top and trading card games and many comics including Electron Boy, Station 39 and more! Right[...]
"Oh, look… A cute little Woodchuck… Aargh!!!"
It doesn't take BRAAAIinnessss to figure out zombies are all the rage. Apparently, even store mascots are not immune to the epidemic. Mile High Comics has their very own store exclusive cover for the recent NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD: AFTERMATH #1, which released on Halloween You can order your own limited-edition copy here. For information on how you can[...]