Fanboy Rampage: Rob Liefeld vs Sean Gordon Murphy Over Whether or Not DC Sucks

Superstar artist Rob Liefeld has been unapologetically vocal about his feelings on the current state of DC Comics. Most recently, back in June, Liefeld predicted the collapse of DC Comics and, in the ensuing Twitter hullaballoo, leaked plans for a DC/Image crossover. It's not that Liefeld has a problem with DC in general. He often expresses his fandom of the company's characters, but doesn't seem to like how the company is run and wishes they would publish a more diverse lineup like they did back in 1980s.

It was this last subject that Liefeld was discussing on Twitter when his tweets caught the notice of fellow superstar artist Sean Gordon Murphy, who currently writes and draws the successful Batman: White Knight series of comics at DC.

Murphy responded to Liefeld's tweets, saying:

But Liefeld wasn't buying it.

Though he did express appreciation for Murphy's work.

Though he renewed his complaints about DC's business strategies.

And praised the work of publishers BOOM! Studios, Image, IDW, and Dark Horse when it comes to marketing their comics.

Murphy retorted:

And suggested that Liefeld's criticism could negatively impact the comics industry as a whole.

The whole thing ended amicably enough, with an offer of drinks at New York Comic Con.

Though Liefeld got the last word on his timeline.

And who doesn't want better comics?!

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