DC Announces 'The Terrifics' From Jeff Lemire And Ivan Reis At SDCC

At the start of San Diego Comic Con, writer Tom King teased Dark Matter from DC with the following poster:

dark matter

At the time, Bleeding Cool Rumormonger-in-Chief Rich Johnston surmised:

Clearly a jam piece, with the artists on each book handling their own characters, i.e. Challengers by Andy KubertImmortal Men by Jim Lee, etc., Outsiders is clearly drawn by Ivan Reis and Joe Prado, which may explain why after they were announced on the new JLA series, they barely did more than a handful of issues (though they are coming back for the Microverse arc). Busy boys all round. Expect more details through the weekend.

And added:

UPDATE: Oh and cut off at the corner… Tomorrow Woman?

DC Announces 'The Terrifics' From Jeff Lemire And Ivan Reis At SDCC

Well, it looks like Uncle Rich won't get to say "pip pip" today, because that's not the Outsiders at all. It's The Terrifics! And the character on the end is Phantom Girl, according to Bleeding Cool ace reporter Joe Glass, who's on the scene at the DC Metal panel. The rest of the team consists of Mr. Terrific, Metamorpho, and Plastic Man.

DC Announces 'The Terrifics' From Jeff Lemire And Ivan Reis At SDCC

Hey, if Marvel won't publish a Fantastic Four comic, somebody may as well do it!

Back to Rich's prediction, maybe we spoke too soon to dismiss it on a technicality. When it comes to the creative team, Johnston got it right, even guessing Jeff Lemire for writer based on a tweet.

Well, Jeff Lemire and Ivan Reis on The Terrifics from DC has been confirmed, so Rich may get to use his catchphrase after all. Hell, we'll say it for him: pip pip!


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