DC Comics Cancels The Terrifics, Last 3 Issues Digital-Only

Just like Supergirl before it, The Terrifics – the only surviving comic from the New Age of DC Heroes launch that followed DC's Dark Nights: Metal series has been cancelled. It won't even get the dignity if seeing its final issue see print. Instead the final three issues will be issued as digital-only comics, only […]

Terrifics #26 [Preview]

Romance is in the Air… and so is Death in Terrifics #26 [Preview]

Love is in the air in this preview of Terrifics #26, the start of a bold new era, according to the solicits. But that's not all that's in the air, unfortunately for Simon Stagg… But first, Mr. Terrific makes his debut as the Elon Musk of the DC Universe. While Phantom Girl pines over Plastic […]

REVIEW: Terrifics #25 -- "Both Good And Bad"

REVIEW: Terrifics #25 — "Both Good And Bad"

(DC Comics, creative team: Gene Luen Yang, Dan Mora, Ivan Plascencia, Tom Napolitano) A giant plant-like growth threatens the city and the team has a choice to make in order to stay alive and save everyone. That's where it gets sort of interesting: almost as if Mr. Terrific has been studying dunamancy, he utilizes a […]

Trademark Infringement in Terrifics #21 [Preview]

Trademark Infringement in Terrifics #21 [Preview]

For the Year of the Villain, The Terrifics are going up against a mirror image team in The Terribles, led by Bizarro and featuring bizarro versions of the Terrifics team members. The goal of the Terribles involves time travel, and as such they've been dragging the entire world back in time with them. Last issue […]

Gene Luen Yang and Stephen Segovia Take Over The Terrifics in April

The Terrifics may be one of two New Age of DC Heroes titles left standing after Damage was canceled (read it about right here on Bleeding Cool), but it is getting a new creative team in April. We already knew that Jeff Lemire would be leaving the title, and it looks like DC has found a […]

Terrifics #7 cover by Dale Eaglesham and Ivan Nunes

The Terrifics #7 Review: How Many Layers of Nostalgia Are We Working With?

[rwp-review-recap id="0"] We see Tom Strong once again shutting down a scheme from Paul Saveen in Millennium City. After another successful mission, Strong is ambushed by Doc Dread. Meanwhile on our Earth, the Terrifics continue their search for Tom Strong and a means to stop Doc Dread. Mister Terrific clashes with Simon Stagg, and Rex […]

Plastic Man #3 cover by Alex Ross

Plastic Man #3 Review: Balancing Heart and Parody

[rwp-review-recap id="0"] Plastic Man tries to reason with Man-Bat to keep him from attacking. When this doesn't work, Eel bluffs by saying he wants to join the Cabal. A mysterious voice says that the Cabal doesn't want the likes of Eel, and soldiers with stun batons capable of hurting Plastic Man arrive. Eel has no […]

Terrifics #6 cover by Dale Eaglesham and Mike Atiyeh

Terrifics #6 Review: The Least Terrific Issue so Far

[rwp-review-recap id="0"] The Terrifics are separated and hurting in the Kingdom of Elements. Mister Terrific is reliving the worst day of his life, upon which his wife died in a car accident. Plastic Man is facing down a stone monster. Phantom Girl is under attack from a horde of crystal warriors. Metamorpho is fighting Algon, […]

Finally for the Terrifics – Tom Strong [Terrifics #6 Spoilers]

When it was first announced that Tom Strong and the Tom Strong family would be revived for DC Comics, there was outrage, Frank Cho-style. The classic Tom Strong storyline by Alan Moore and Chris Sprouse being revived, not by people who Moore and Sprouse had approved like Pete Hogan (still with an unpublished Tom Strong […]

Plastic Man #2 cover by Bilquis Evely and Mat Lopes

Plastic Man #2 Review: Superhero Comedy Done Right

[rwp-review-recap id="0"] Plastic Man is scouring the town in search of the young boy he met, Pado Swakatoon. When he was ambushed by the police at the murder scene of his old partner, he ran off with Pado back to the kid's hideout in an empty water tower. There, Plastic Man and Pado were ambushed […]

Terrifics #5 cover by Dale Eaglesham and Wil Quintana

Terrifics #5 Review: Death by Metamorphos

[rwp-review-recap id="0"] The Terrifics have returned to Earth and trying to get their lives somewhat in order. Metamorpho has a serious talk with Sapphire, Plastic Man calls Angel, and Phantom Girl tries to get to know Mister Terrific. This leaves all four feeling low, and it only worsens when the citizens of a town in […]

Plastic Man #1 cover by Aaron Lopresti

Plastic Man #1 Review: A Delightful Lead and a Fun Story

[rwp-review-recap id="0"] Plastic Man has returned to Cole City to investigate the crime that gave him his powers. This leads Eel O'Brian to being beaten to a bloody pulp by his old running mates, Suitcase Mizzola, Brutal Benny Turlin, and Dizzy Darren Fitzroy. This was just a ploy, of course, and Plastic Man chases after […]

Terrifics #4 cover by Doc Shaner

Terrifics #4 Review: Embracing the Strange and the Genuine

[rwp-review-recap id="0"] The Terrifics have left Earth on a T-Sphere to travel to Phantom Girl's homeworld of Bgztl. On the way there, a bandit ship is able scoop up the flying T-Sphere, and the Terrifics find themselves assailed by giant squids, a bandit crew, and trash chutes. Can they make it out and to Bgztl? […]

Terrifics #3 cover by Ivan Reis and Marcelo Maiolo

Terrifics #3 Review: The Body Horror Slingshot

[rwp-review-recap id="0"] The Terrifics find themselves bound to each other by some kind of Dark Multiverse theory. They cannot be any farther than one mile away from one another, and this leaves them bound to Stagg Enterprises' headquarters. Mister Terrific works to find a way to resolve this manner while Metamorpho has relationship problems with […]

Terrifics #2 cover by Ivan Reis and Marcelo Maiolo

Terrifics #2 Review: A Second Issue That's Even Better Than the First

[rwp-review-recap id="0"] The team is baffled by the message left by Tom Strong, and they ask how Phantom Girl arrived in the Dark Multiverse. She explains how she was sucked in through a portal in space. Mister Terrific explains that they'll need the antenna attached to Tom Strong's device, and this wakes something up. The […]

Terrifics #1 cover by Ivan Reis and Marcelo Maiolo

Bleeding Cool Comics Chatter Episode 1.3: Terrifics #1

Welcome to the first official episode of Bleeding Cool's Comics Chatter! This is the show where I, Comic Reviews Editor Josh Davison, chat the week's releases with my co-hosts. This week I am joined by Eliot, our comments moderator and sometimes comic reviewer on BC. We will be talking about Marvel's Peter Parker: The Spectacular […]