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Young Avengers, Batwoman, Fearless Defenders, Life With Archie And Husbands Nominated For Gay Media Awards
Williams III, Marc Andreyko Fearless Defenders, written by Cullen Bunn Husbands, written by Jane Espenson, Brad Bell Life With Archie, written by Paul Kupperberg Young Avengers, written by Kieron Gillen Batwoman featured a lead lesbian character in a committed relationship It was criticised for dropping the marriage plot, but hiring a gay writer after Blackman and Williams walked may have won[...]
How Cullen Bunn Planned For The End Of Fearless Defenders
With the final issue of Fearless Defenders released this week, Cullen Bunn has been talking about his plans for the series, what would have been and what never was And how it was originally Valkyrie And The Fearless Would that have sold better? How Annabelle was never planned as a character, she just emerged when[...]
Thirty Thoughts About Thirty Comics – Iron Man, Earth 2, Superior Spider-Man, Bionic Man, Batman/Superman, X-Men Legacy, Batwing, Green Arrow,  Phantom Stranger, Fearless Defenders, Detective Comics, Elephantmen, Khan, Spawn,  Burn The Orphanage, Happy Kitty, Judge Dredd, The Revenger, Velvet, Carbon Grey, Great Pacific, Guardians Of The Galaxy, Secret Avengers, Think Tank, Doctor Who, Black Bat, Deadworld, Dinosaurs Attack, Transformers And TMNT Shredder (UPDATE)
Seriously John Constantine, why the reaction, the 'O's are only just bigger than your head. Frankie, do you remember her, Frankie, do you remember? Fearless Defenders, its last issue, goes out with a blast. It's like something out of House isn't it? Except that in Detective Comics he'll get it right first time I wonder if you[...]
Exactly How Did Fearless Defenders Get Cancelled Again? (SPOILERS)
There has been a far greater diversity of late, and it's one that's welcomed if the industry is to grow and prosper, backed up with an attempt to reflect that in the comics, but there's still an understanding that there's a lot of us fat white straight men as a hardcore comic book audience. Given that,[...]
Cammy's Covers – Breath Of Bones To Red Sonja
Quick X-Force! Suck your tongues to the roof of your mouths!   The Fearless Defenders #8 by Mark Brooks One of my favorite things about these Fearless Defenders covers is that Mark Brooks is obviously having a blast making them They haven't felt dull or uninspired, for every month Brooks has brought a different twist and constantly[...]
Yes, Tumblr is Still Upset About Fearless Defenders
From the new issue of Fearless Defenders, published today. And she's right, Tumblr still are. bartonsnethers I see the sadness of a love that, though it breathes, can never be made chriscappuccino So did marvel really introduce a new lesbian character only to kill her off? Or magesmagesmages I'm really disappointed? I'm really REALLY disappointed[...]
Fearless Defenders Breaks New Gender Relationship Ground (Spoilers)
Nice big massive spoilers for today's Fearless Defenders Because they've created a rather interesting set up today. From next issue's solicitations, "New costume! New arc! New status quo I still won't tell you about!" Well I will So if you fear spoilers, begone, read the comic, return and then we can talk. Now, as readers will know, Annabelle[...]
Is This The First Lesbian Fridging In Comics?
So bear this in mind. But in this week's Fearless Defenders, the character of Dr Annabelle Riggs, an archeologist, a lesbian, and someone who had been teased as a something with romantic interest with Valkyrie, was the one to take a stand against possessed Valkyrie… andseriously, there's a lot of that going around this week… …and she[...]
Cammy's Covers – Fearless Defenders To Winter Soldier
Cameron Hatheway writes; The Fearless Defenders #5 by Mark Brooks Ah, this cover brings back some awesome memories from my childhood Arriving over at Paolo's house on the weekends, putting in Street Fighter, and playing for the rest of the day Since I wasn't very good, I would always play as Blanco and try my best[...]
Cammy's Covers – Astonishing X-Men To Avengers Arena
Corben goes with Creepy like a rotting corpse goes with a necrophiliac. The Fearless Defenders #4 by Mark Brooks Ah yes, the perfect cut-out cover for the 13-40 male demographic! All the fanboy cheesecake aside, Valkyrie's outfits don't stray much from 'work' for I don't see a 'casual' outfit from the two provided All work and no[...]
Fourteen Thoughts About Fourteen Comics – Star Wars, Nowhere Men, Manhattan Projects, Peter Panzerfaust, Crossed Badlands, Avengers Arena, Secret Avengers, Buffy The Vampire Slayer, Fearless Defenders, Superboy, Ozymandias, Uncanny X-Men, Katana And Batgirl
Say why haven't they done that crossover yet? Fearless Defenders, the only comic book willing to give you full on Miss Piggy style kung fu against a goddess Hiya! That's Tony Lee dialogue, apparently His first for DC Comics And he's got his surname on the cover I wonder if DC will think people will get confused[...]
How Marvel And DC Get Retailers To Order More Comics
If you hadn't guessed that from the title of Vibe's book. So DC Comics are offering an incentive to retailers to stock up on titles, an extra 15% on top of the discount they already get  if they match 75% of orders for Justice League Of America #1 with their orders for Green Arrow #17, Katana[...]