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While Jane Foster is busy being The Mighty Thor again in this preview of Jane Foster and the Mighty Thor #2, another Valkyrie returns to Asgard Check out the preview below. Jane Foster and the Mighty Thor #2 by Torunn Gronbekk & Michael Dowling, cover by Ryan Stegman When Jane and Odin find a clue steeped in unknown[...]
Air Fighters Comics V2#2 featuring Valkyrie.
Valkyrie was a skilled German fighter ace and leader of the Airmaidens squadron during WWII First appearing in Air Fighters Comics V2#2, she was created by artist Fred Kida and an unknown writer (possibly Warren Kuhn or Ed Cronin) Swayed by the courage of Airboy, she and the Airmaidens ultimately turned against the Nazis in[...]
Mephisto's Plans Unfold In Avengers #50
Then she became Valkyrie And now? She may well be becoming an Avenger In today's Avengers #50/#750, one of the Multiversal Deathloks searching for Avengers to join a cause, identifies Jane Foster, working in the morgue as both Valkyrie and an Avenger The latter description, she declines. Though this may all just be a matter of[...]
Marvel Comics
Forst, can we say how stunningly beautiful The Mighty Valkyries #1 is as a comic book? Mattia De Iulis' artwork Running through the various worlds of Asgard, with a style somewhere between Alex Ross and Esad Ribic, creating character, space and detail that can be pored over at length From the fantastical… …to the more mundane,[...]
Thor #12 Review: This Is A Mess
And if Valkyrie falls, she'll have lost more than a crown All of the Ten Realms are at stake – not to mention the life of All-Father Thor! There's no real way to tiptoe around the truth here: this issue is stupid Everybody involved is all skilled craftspeople who have made impressive comics work before[...]
Valkyrie's Mr Horse Tells Marvel Readers "Never Trust A Tory"
The series Jane Foster: Valkyrie revealed he could a) speak and b) spoke with a very strong Yorkshire accent So much so that when Al Ewing left the title, he gave notes to subsequent creative teams on how to write for Mr Horse. We learnt that he didn't have any time for those posh ponies of[...]
King In Black
Donny Cates set this up a few years ago in Venom #4… that the abandoned Celestial head known as Knowhere, turned into a space station for many, was from a Celestial beheaded by Knull in the earliest of times. Venom #4 Cates confirmed this, tweeting "The severed celestial head in VENOM #4 would someday erode and decay[...]
The New Valkyrie Owned Thor's Axe Jangenborg Before Thor
And in today's King In Black: The Return Of The Valkyries #2, someone would like it back. The King In Black: Return Of The Valkyries #1 artwork by Nina Vakueva  As it appears that it has another, long, history This new Valkyrie remains unnamed, even as she is modelled on the Tessa Thompson-version of Valkyrie from the[...]
Avengers #44 Changes Description For Debut Of Marvel's New Phoenix
After that, it was Jason Aaron who recast Jane Foster as the new Valkyrie in her own series And it is Jason Aaron who, in April, when we get the new Phoenix, is creating a new Mighty Valkyries series, with a focus on other Valkyries, not just Jane Foster Might this be an opportunity for[...]
Tessa Thompson-Based Valkyrie Takes Her First Kiss
Today sees the publication of Return of The Valkyries #1 by Jason Aaron, Torunn Gronbekk, Nina Vakueva, Tara Bonvillain and Joe Sabino from Marvel Comics, which does a lot It ties in with The King In Black and the recent death of The Sentry – and a Celestial It sees the Jane Foster version of[...]
The King In Black Possesses The Rest Of Marvel, Today (Spoilers)
Still, its presence is writ-large across the Marvel Universe today, Miles Morales: Spider-Man, Spider-Woman, Guardians Of The Galaxy, Symbiote Spider-Man, Return Of The Valkyries and, of course, Venom. For some, it's just the appearance of a dragon across the skies of Manhattan, such as Miles Morales: Spider-Man #22. Credit: Marvel In Spider-Woman, it gives us the circumstances[...]
Tessa Thompson's Valkyrie Debuts In Marvel's Return Of The Valkyries
This article is a follow-up on a Valkyrie story that ran on Bleeding Cool yesterday morning We suggested that the launch of next week's King In Black: Return Of Valkyries #1 of 4, from Jason Aaron, Torunn Gronbekk and Nina Vakue, would see the Marvel 616 debut of a new Valkyrie character modelled on the actor[...]
A New Valkyrie For The King In Black: Return of the Valkyries
King in Black: Return of the Valkyries #1 is one of the many King In Black titles coming in December and January – you can see a checklist of them here Marvel has now revealed Phil Noto's designs for a new Valkyrie, one of the host of deities who defend Asgard on their winged steeds,[...]
When Marvel Comics Foreshadowed The Future Of Star and Valkyrie
One was Star #5, the other was Valkyrie #11 Now, the latter was cancelled before it could be published But Star #5 is finally published this week And this is the Foreshadow variant cover in question, drawn by Kris Anka. Marvel Comics Foreshadows the Future of Star and Black Cat. Which appears to show Felicia Hardy, the[...]
Thor Love and Thunder
Tessa Thompson will reprise her role as Valkyrie, who made her MCU debut in Ragnarok and also appeared in Endgame Waititi will do the same as the voice of Korg Christian Bale is the only new addition confirmed for the film, presumably playing the villain, adding another Oscar-winner to the ranks succeeding Cate Blanchet's performance[...]
Marvel Puts 19 Digital-Only Comics Into Print After All
These included Ant-Man, Avengers Of The Wastelands, Ghost-Spider, Ruins Of Ravencroft, 2020 Ironheart, 2020 Force Works, The Black Cat Strikes, Hawkeye Freefall, Star, Scream: Curse Of Carnage, Valkyrie and Revenge of Cosmic Ghost Rider. Marvel Comics will be telling retailers the good news, that they will be publishing those issues in print after all, nineteen of[...]
Tessa Thompson at the World premiere of 'Avengers: Endgame' held at the LA Convention Center in Los Angeles, USA on April 22, 2019. Editorial credit: Tinseltown /
Tessa Thompson, the MCU's Valkyrie herself, has been making the rounds and stopped by Variety Actors on Actors While discussing her role in the MCU, she touched on something that Marvel Studios has been criticized on: diversity and representation Anthony Mackie, The Falcon, went on the same show last week and had comments of his[...]
Jane Foster: Valkyrie #9 [Preview]
Last issue, Valkyrie found herself in a team-up-gone-bad when stupid ass Thor had to go and touch the anti-life… …transforming him into evil Thor! Oh no! Now Valkyrie must kick his ass if she hopes to survive… but she's not sure she wants to! Of course, Thor doesn't seem to be giving her much of a choice. So it's[...]
Mattia de Iulis Joins Valkyrie: Jane Foster Creative Team in May
Valkyrie: Jane Foster makes it past ten issues this May, a milestone for any modern Marvel comic And the book is celebrating with a brand new storyline and a new artist: Mattia de Iulis Valkyrie heads to Hel for this new storyline which also involves Loki, as revealed in Marvel's full May 2020 solicitations The[...]
Valkyrie #8 [Preview]
A new story arc is kicking off this week in Jane Foster: Valkyrie #8, by Jason Aaron, Torunn Gronbekk, and CAFU, and according to the cover, it seems that Valkyrie will be facing off against something called… The Anti-Life? Does this have anything to do with the Anti-Life Equation, developed by Darkseid at Marvel's Distinguished Competition? All[...]
Marvel Changes Artists on Captain America, Fantastic Four, Scream and Valkyrie
A fair few changes coming through for Marvel Comics titles, between solicitation and publication. Captain America #20 will be drawn by Robert Quinn, and not the previously solicited Jason Masters. Fantastic Four #20 will be drawn by Paco Medina, and not the previously solicited Sean Izaakse. Scream: Curse Of Carnage #5 will be drawn by Garry Brown, along[...]
REVIEW: Valkyrie Jane Foster #7 -- "Makes The Core Conflict Seem Super Contrived"
RATING: HONORABLE MENTION. VALKYRIE: JANE FOSTER #7 Al Ewing & JASON AARON (W) • Pere Perez (A) • Cover by Mahmud Asrar TIME OF DEATH: NOW! Valkyrie teams up with Marvel's Mightiest Medics to save the life of the ultimate patient — Death herself! With a universal force on the cosmic operating table, the end of everything is one[...]
Valkyrie #7 [Preview]
Valkyrie #7 is in stores from Marvel Comics next week, by Al Ewing, Jason Aaron, and Pere Perez And as we see in the preview below, the stakes are high in this important comic. That's because one of the most important characters in the history of Marvel is dying, and that death could have extreme repercussions[...]
Valkyrie: Jane Foster #4
Valkyrie #5 is in stores from Marvel Comics next week, by Al Ewing, Jason Aaron, and CAFU, and featuring a great throwback cover by Mahmud Asrar and Matthew Wilson In this issue, apparently, a hero will die At least if the cover is to be believed Check out the preview below. Doctor Strange's soul is the[...]
Torunn Grønbekk Replaces Al Ewing as Valkyrie Co-Writer, CAFU Returns
In a double whammy of a press release on, the House of Ideas has announced a new co-writer for Valkyrie: Jane Foster, Torunn Grønbekk, as well as the return of artist CAFU to the series In addition, CAFU has signed a Marvel E-X-X-XCLUSIVE contract, meaning that, like Chris Claremont, he will only do work[...]
Valkyrie #4 [Preview]
Valkyrie #4 is in stores next week from Marvel Comics, by Al Ewing, Jason Aaron, Cafu, Jesus Aburtov, and Joe Sabino We've got a preview below. Last issue, our hero Jane took Heimdall on a tour of hells and then left him there (it's her job) But the story's not over yet. It seems that Mephisto is[...]
natalie portman
Aided mainly by Hulk (Mark Ruffalo), Loki (Tom Hiddleston), and Valkyrie (Tessa Thompson), they return to Asgard for their final stand versus the goddess of death. While Portman's presence was missed, she did lend a vocal cameo in Avengers: Endgame during the time heist with Thor and Rocket Raccoon (Bradley Cooper) relived the events of Thor:[...]