Flipping 25 Lots Of SDCC '15 Swag From $10 To $212

If you go to San Diego Comic Con, you learn that everything has value. The free KFC comics being handed out. Your hotel keys. The giveaway posters. Someone somewher will pay you money. And if you can get a whole bag of stuff, someone will pay handsomely to give the impression that they too went to San Diego Comic Con.

Here are a few examples of successful sales on eBay of… well… Swag.

$_57 (1)

This back of mostly giveway materials probably did the best of all, sold for $212.

$_57 (4)$_57 (3)$_57 (2)

There's a closer look at some of the items. Over a hundred and fifty of them in fact. And pays for a couple of nigts of staying in that hotel….

$_57 (5)

Even just the swag bag from going to the Conan Bingo session will pay for that, hitting $180 without a sweat, and including SDCC exclusive Conan O'Brien Funko Pop #1, Conan Bingo logo mason jar, Conan bandana, I Love CoCo sunglasses, Flaming C logo credit card/ID holder for phone, Conan bingo card, Conan bingo bag

$_57 (6)

Plenty of other swag bags hit three figures, such as this collection of  He-Man Star Wars Skylanders Minecraft stuff for $127



$_57 (14)

Staying at the Hard Rock Hotel and grabbing their San Diego pins could see you  $100 up 

$_57 (13)

Just checking into your hotel, the right hotel, and jeeping your American Horror promo key and actual working key card brings in $70.

$_57 (7)

While a smaller collection of free stuff still pulled in $56. Around that fifty dollar mark, it starts to specialise as well.

$_57 (8)

Just the free Supernatural backpack with a few free magazines sells for $51.


Even this smaller bag of swag still brings in $51


If you went to the Star Wars panel, and the subsequent orchestral performance (leaving the subsequent Kevin Smith bereft of of an audience) you got a lightsabre to conduct with – and you can buy one, wth the pass, for $50 

$_57 (1)

Nothing but bags, buttons, lanyards and flyers still brings in $46.

$_57 (2)

Attending the Ash Vs. Evil Dead panel and keeping your foam chainsaw is worth $45

 $_57 (10)

Attending the Game Of Thrones panel was also jut as lucrative, netting $45 – that was worth lining up all night for!

$_57 (3)

These are the leftovers from mcuh more valuable swag also on eBay, but  $36 is $36!

$_57 (4)

Don't consider this a waste of resoirces, consider it selling what otherwise woud have ened up in a landfill, and gaining $36

$_57 (9)

And of course swag is worth even more when signed such as these Monster High giveaways, now worth $35

$_57 (11)

While going to the X-Men Apocalype panel and grabbing the promotional tarot cards is also worth $35

$_57 (12)

Really, there's very little unobtanium here, but 25 random bits still nets you $33

$_57 (15)

A simple Supergirl hotel room key card from staying at the Hilton Bayfront could be worth $23 to you – which would pay for two nights wifi there! 

$_57 (16)

While a Gotham key card from another hotel could net you  $20 easily

$_57 (17)

The Bob's Burgers Promo Tote Bag from attending the panel is $15 with nothing even in it.

$_57 (18)

Just the free souvenir guide anf events guide are worth $13

$_57 (19)

And the free shoulder bags see Arrow selling for $12, Supergirl for $11 and Batman Vs Superman for $10

$_57 (20)

Oh and that free KFC comic we talked about and watched the video for? $20 as long as it comes with the tie. I have not the words….


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