From Content Warning To A Sad Reality: Bitch Planet #6 Review


The content warning for Bitch Planet #6 has been floating around the internet for quite some time now. It wasn't the creative teams intention to create buzz, but instead warn readers that it was okay to skip the issue if they felt that sexual assault was too sensitive a subject to deal with. However, for me, it created anticipation for what the comic was going to contain. We all know by now that Bitch Planet is by far one of the more powerful comics that are on shelves today, and it is certainly impossible to not shutter at some of the honest content found throughout the story. So, to see a content warning didn't surprise me. The new issue is written by the fantastic Kelly Sue Deconnick, and features guest artist Taki Soma, who also does brilliant work.

[WARNING: Spoilers for Bitch Planet below!]

When we last left off with Bitch Planet #5 we had just experienced Meiko Maki's death. This new issue brings us back to her childhood and provides us with the backstory of why she went to jail in the first place. It's a truly wonderful thing to be able to see Meiko Maki's innocent childhood, what happened before the bad stuff. Seeing that brings honor to her character in a way that connects readers on a deeper level. Beyond that, there is a braveness that is shown when she takes the initiative to step up to the plate and save her family from the villain of the issue, Doug Braxton. There is a violin metaphor that is used at the beginning and the end of the issue that really ties everything together. While the content of it all is harsh and quite sad, there is something poetic and inspiring weaved amongst the wreckage. With all of that said, the creative team did make it known that the normal story would resume with the seventh issue, but I'm going to urge you to read this one too. It's worth it.

Now I'd like to just take a moment to thank Kelly Sue Deconnick. While she writes many great key points in her end of issue letter, a few lines stuck out to me:

"this book does not offer answers…what we have, are questions…"

She continues:

"the messiness of it resonated with me as the way life presents itself."

Thank you for bringing the messiness of life to the pages of Bitch Planet. Your honesty makes us brave, and your questions make us think. Together, one day, we will all figure out the answers.

Bitch Planet #6 is from Image Comics.

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