Frontline Report From Today's Civil War II – Hercules, Spider-Man And New Avengers

So many tie-ins to Marvel's Civil War II… but how many "matter"? It all depends on your definition. But which of them are in bed with the crossover and trying to make babies and how many are meaningless one panel stands?

Let's have a look!

Gods Of War #1 is set during the big Celestial fight of Civil War #1. Even though the use of Ulysses in that battle wasn't revealed until after it had finished, the New Gods seem to know somehow. Probably because they are New Gods and they've got access to Snapchat and stuff. But they also have a get out clause for their own incoming apocalypse.

Image (39)

And Hercules' friends have their own warnings.Image (40)You know, no one even seemed as bothered over Destiny and Psyclocke having precog powers as they do over Ulysses. I guess, like sexual harassment, people only seem to make a stink about it now.

So this is heavily in with the themes and plotlines of Civil War II but seems to have little to affect it. A similar story with the New Avengers crossover…

Image (42)

…which also reflects the big fight from Civil War II #1 from the point of view of the magickers – and a much more entertaining take on that Celestial threat.

Image (41)And then we basically get that scene in Marvel's Agents Of SHIELD where the writers had just got to see a bit of the Captain America Civil War film and had to shoe horn in a scene where the cast sit in a bar and talk about it. It makes it look far more integral to the plot that the shoe-horning actually required would make it.

The Spider-Man Civil War II book, however, has full blown Ulysses action.
Image (54)Once you get past the gay panic obviously.Image (53)Someone thinking of a use of Ulysses that doesn't involve killing off War Machine. Very Damage Control of them…

…and yes, Damage Control are coming.

Civil War II: Gods Of War, Civil War II: Spider-Man and New Avengers #12 are published today.


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