Future State #2: Shazam! Review: Wildly Disappointing

In a wildly disappointing turn of events, Earth's Mightiest Mortal is revealed to be a fool after dancing with the devil and ending the arc of one of comics' most beloved heroes in one of the most depressing possible ways. Future State #2: Shazam! fails at the conception level because from an execution standpoint, the creative team hits their marks admirably enough. The final product, however, is far from satisfying.

Future State #2: Shazam! Review: Wildly Disappointing
Future State #2: Shazam! Cover. Credit: DC Comics

Here's the gag: in order to imprison a grandiose danger to the world inside of the Rock of Eternity, Billy Batson has split himself from his superheroic alter ego, leaving Billy chained to a locked door in h-e-double hockey sticks while his musclebound form headed back to be a "hero" on earth. This, of course, went wrong even with the Wisdom of Solomon because Shazam started murdering people in secret, only to be discovered and captured by his teammates in the Justice League.

The artwork by Eduardo Pansica, Julio Ferreira, Marcelo Maiolo, and Rob Leigh ably captures the hellscape of a field of demons, waiting for their queen to arrive, as well as it shows an impatient Vixen or a legendary power coming out to play. All of that looks fine. Unfortunately, there is no point in Tim Sheridan's script where you want Shazam to win, where he displays heroism or courage or power or anything that would endear him to the reader. To be blunt, Shazam is a sucker, played for a patsy in almost every panel. It's hard to sit through, honestly.

It was nice to see what's apparently Power Girl (the Black one) returned from the dead, but the Justice League fares no better at understanding what's happening as they all fall for a long con. This is not a future to look forward to. RATING: NO. JUST … NO.

Future State #2: Shazam!
By Tim Sheridan, Eduardo Pansica
Shazam's soul is laid bare as he's confronted by one of the most powerful beings in the DC Universe! Revealing shocking secrets and the final fate of Billy Batson, the boy who was Earth's Mightiest Mortal, this issue introduces a deadly new threat born from the ashes of the Teen Titans Academy: Raven!

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