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Did Generations: Wolverine Make Me A Marvel Fan?

Did Generations: Wolverine Make Me A Marvel Fan?

So, I've been reading more Marvel lately. I'm familiar enough with the characters at this point, but I still couldn't tell you who my favorite character is out of the roster. Some I enjoy more than others, such as Wolverine. Thanks to the X-Men cartoon show and the movies, I have a decent enough handle on the character. So when I picked up Generations: All-New Wolverine/Wolverine #1 from Third Eye Comics, I knew I was going in with a decent enough background.

The book opens with Wolverine chest-deep in fighting undead ninjas, when X-24 shows up and kicks major ass. We don't know how or why she showed up, but she's there, and willing to help Wolverine save his daughter.

The story is very well paced, and has a good chunk of humor thrown in. Tom Taylor is great at dialogue, and despite not really following prior Wolverine books, I wasn't lost. This is a great self-contained story, and I would absolutely read more of it. Ramond Rosanas's pencils are also on point. The characters are well defined and believable. The facial expressions are the best part, and partnered with colors by Nolan Woodard, the characters and scenes really come to life. The whole comic is a great pickup, and if you're new to Marvel, this is an excellent place to start.

This post was brought to you in part by Third Eye Comics, Maryland's premier comic book shop!

Did Generations: Wolverine Make Me A Marvel Fan?

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