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Pokémon TCG Should Bring Back Radiant Collections
This release has me thinking back to two of my favorite sets from Pokémon TCG's past: Legendary Treasures and Generations Comparing these sets and the upcoming Celebrations, I can't help but wonder… whatever happened to the Radiant Collection? Radiant Collection Mew Credit: Pokémon TCG First, a bit on what the Radiant Collection is[...]
How Does DC's Linearverse Work Exactly? (Generations Forged Spoilers)
Often by shunting older stories into parallel worlds or attributing them to other characters (poor Supergirl and Power Girl, getting conflated like that). Well, today's Generations Forged #1 has introduced a new way of seeing things, The Linearverse The series has seen characters picked out of time and space, often continuity that no longer exists, or[...]
The Cast Of Generations: Shattered - And When They Debuted
DC Comics titles today have ads for Generations: Shattered, the cross-time caper led by Dan Jurgens, spinning out of Detective Comics #1027 and Dark Nights: Death Metal and maybe, just maybe, having some relevance to Future State and what will follow it And laying out when and where the various characters have their origins. The Cast[...]
DC Comics 2021 Spoilers: Generations: Future State #1 To Retell 5G
Once upon a time, DC Comics was going to publish a series of one-shots, the Generations books, which would lay out the new DC Timeline and lead to a relaunch and a rewriting of the DC Universe as 5G or Generation Five Then publisher and champion of the project, Dan DiDio, was fired and the[...]
DC Comics Repackages Road To 5G As Generations: Shattered
Once upon a time DC's Generations series was to lead up to a big reboot/relaunch of DC Comics with a Crisis, an ageing of the main superhero line and new characters taking over the lead books, as part of 5G or Generation Five But then publisher Dan DiDio was fired and DC Comics took advantage[...]
DC Confirms Generations Is Cancelled, With Detective Comics #1027 Preview
That was the plan anyway. And it would begin with the Generations volumes, numbered one to five, running through the summer Then DiDio was fired, shutdown happened and DC Comics took the opportunity to sh-tcan the whole thing Generations Zero that was planned for the Free Comic Book Day issue, along with the new DC Timeline[...]
DC Adds John Byrne Generations and Grant Morrison Superman Omnibuses
Even if one despises the work of the other… Superman & Batman: Generations Omnibus HC  Feb 21, 2021 Legendary writer and illustrator, John Byrne, transports us through this century-spanning tale to witness the evil that brings the Batman and Superman together as a team Now collected entirely in an omnibus! Imagine a world where Superman and Batman aged[...]
Gossip: Wonder Woman Will Be the First to be Replaced in DC Comics' 5G
A new 60-year history of the DC Universe, with some time-twisting shenanigans along the way (thanks to Zero Hour, Crisis and Doomsday Clock), but showing us four distinct generations of DC Comics history And realising that 5G meant the fifth generation of DC Comics history We then learned that Jonathan Kent will be aged again,[...]
We Take a Look at Hasbro's Transformers SDCC Exclusives
As with all figures in the relatively new Studio Series line, the figure is meant to commemorate over a decade of live-action TF films. With the Prime Wars Trilogy, the third era of the Generations line draws to a close Optimus Primal has been made a Prime and thus turned (once again) into Optimal Optimus. #gallery-4 { margin:[...]
[rwp-review-recap id="0"] Generations: Captain America cover by Paul Renaud Sam Wilson goes into the Vanishing Point and comes out in the 1940s as America enters World War II Not sure what to do, he becomes an enlisted man, putting his skills to use in the army behind Steve Rogers, Captain America. And then he becomes a pastor, partakes[...]
'Generations: Spider-Man' #1 Review: Genuine, But Some Worrying Undertones
[rwp-review-recap id="0"] Generations: Spider-Man alternate cover by Olivier Coipel and Laura Martin As the Vanishing Point claims Miles Morales, the Ultimate Spider-Man, he finds himself in the college of Peter Parker, the Amazing Spider-Man, in his younger days of yore He continuously runs into Parker, eventually following him home and discovering the crisis that Peter Parker is[...]
'Generations: Ms. Marvel' #1 Review: Critical Theories… And Punching
[rwp-review-recap id="0"] Generations: Ms Marvel #1 I've yet to give my opinion of Kamala Khan, AKA Ms Marvel, in my time on Bleeding Cool Well, it's time to do that. I think she's great She is among the most charming and inspiring heroes in modern comics She maintains that sense of altruism and dedication to what's right that[...]
Captain marvel
[rwp-review-recap id="0"] Generations: Captain Marvel Carol Danvers has been thrown back in time and into the Negative Zone to find an ongoing battle on a planet she doesn't recognize. Captain Marvel quickly discovers that she is witnessing an invasion of a planet by Annihilus, the Living Death Thankfully, she is soon joined by her old friend and previous[...]
Marvel Generations: Hawkeye And Hawkeye, A Perfect Pairing
[rwp-review-recap id="0"] Generations: Hawkeye This one slipped past me somehow I'm sad; this was the Generations one-shot I was most looking forward too, and I somehow missed it when the week it was released. In any case, Kate Bishop finds Clint Barton locked in a deadly competition of the best marksmen in the world After convincing young Hawkeye[...]