George Mann's Newbury and Hobbes Comes to Comics at Titan in September

If you only read books with pictures, you may be familiar with George Mann's work on Titan's Warhammer, Dark Souls, and Doctor Who comics. Now, Mann is bringing his steampunk mystery novel series (a novel is like a comic without the pictures) Newbury and Hobbes to Titan in comic book form to celebrate the series' 10th anniversary. The new comic, drawn by Dan Boultwoood and simply titled Newbury and Hobbes, will see the return of classic villain Dr. Aubrey Knox, and each issue will feature part of a brand new prose short written by Mann.

 The Newbury & Hobbes novel series follows special agents Sir Maurice Newbury and Miss Victoria Hobbes as they traverse the menacing lands of Victorian England, solving extraordinary crimes.

In a press release, Mann said:

I'm delighted to be bringing Newbury & Hobbes to comics, and even more excited to be working with the excellent Dan Boultwood and the team at Titan Comics, who have worked wonders in bringing their world and its people to life. It seems particularly apt that on their 10th anniversary, Newbury and Veronica are about to embark on a brand new adventure, filled with creeping horrors, eerie mysteries, terrifying chases and the sinister return of one of the most dangerous villains they've ever encountered, from The Osiris Ritual, Dr. Aubrey Knox…

While Boultwood added:

Monsters, foggy old London town, steam-powered vehicles, masked subterfuge, fine suits and ladies bustles, all the things I love to draw are in Newbury & Hobbes. This book has been a lot of fun to work on. As a fan of the novels I've loved being able to be a part of bringing one of their stories to visual life, and it's a great story!

Hitting stores in September, Newbury and Hobbes #1 features variant covers by Boultwood, Chris Wildgoose, and Arianna Florean.

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