Godzilla And The Metal Men Grab The Covers Of February's Previews

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The front and covers of Diamond's Previews catalogues are serious comic book real estate. DC Comics are guaranteed a cover each month, as part of their initial exclusive deal with Diamond Comic Distributors. As a result of this Marvel got their own mini-Previews all to themselves, so they could always have the covers to that. But the other cover is shared by Dark Horse, IDW and Image, alternating month by month.

This month… it's different. There's still one Previews cover advertising the Justice League and the return of the Metal Men en force. But the other is for Godzilla. And not the IDW license of Godzilla comics, but the Diamond Select line of Godzilla merchandise, specifically a Godzilla piggy bank. Or, rather, a Godzilla bank. This is what Diamond have to say about their new line of exclusive figures;

The three figures from X-Plus that are featured picks are the Toho 12in Series Godzilla Vinyl Fig 1964 Version,  Toho 12in Series Varan Vinyl Figure 1958 version, and the Toho 12in series Minilla Vinyl figure 1967 version. Also featured in the catalog are other versions of Godzilla from over the years. The figures are a great find for any Godzilla fan as the statues capture the detail and terror of each monster that made the movies unforgettable. The figures are also great for movie monster collectors as these are a rare find that will be available at comic book specialty shops. The figures are scheduled to be in stores in late March, 2014.

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