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LATE: Young Justice, Metal Men, Harley Quinn and the Birds Of Prey

Harley Quinn And The Birds Of Prey #2 will keep everyone guessing who that not-Punchline character is, as the second issue has been delayed two weeks from the 8th of April to the 22nd. While the departure of Dan DiDio from DC Comics continues to affect the schedule of the comic book he was writing, […]

Dan DiDio and Shane Davis to Finish Metal Men With #12

Dan DiDio and Shane Davis to Finish Metal Men With #12

Dan DiDio may no longer be Publisher of DC Comics – we explained why here late last night. But he wasn't just DC Publisher, he was also the writer of the series Metal Men, drawn by Shane Davis. Issue 5 has just been published by DC Comics – but what else is to come? Well, […]

Metal Men #5 [Preview]

A Bad Case of Robot Con Crud in Metal Men #5 [Preview]

Metal Men #5 is in stores from DC Comics this week, by Dan Didio, Shane Davis, and Michelle Delecki. We've got a preview below, in which the Metal Men attend Robocon.   And like any convention, a bad case of the crud is going around. But a virus for robots is a little bit different […]

Dan Didio Explores the Ethics of Sex Robots in Metal Men #5 This March

Dan Didio Explores the Ethics of Sex Robots in Metal Men #6 This March

DC Publisher Dan Didio isn't shying away from difficult subjects while writing Metal Men with artist Shane Davis. Revealed in DC's full March 2020 solicitations, Metal Men #6 will see Platinum learn that Magnus modeled her after a woman he was attracted to in college, and apparently programmed her to love him. Definitely some ethical […]

Dan Didio to Write Metal Men with Shane Davis at DC in October

Dan Didio to Write Metal Men with Shane Davis and Michelle Delecki at DC in October

It looks like Rich Johnston's guess that a whiteboard featuring a bunch of chicken scratch from DC Publisher Dan Didio was a list of DC's Comic-Con announcements was incorrect. Instead, the whiteboard appeared to represent the outline for a new 12-issue Metal Men series written by Didio, with art by Shane Davis and Michelle Delecki. […]

'DC Metal (Men, 2016)' Review: A Truly Metal Comic

Let's talk about Metal, REAL Metal. Let's talk Iron, Lead, Mercury, and…Gold I guess. Let's talk about the Metal Men suckers, YEEAAAAHH *rocking guitar riff*. In honor of Dark Days: Metal, it seemed as appropriate a time as any to talk about DC's original metal, the freaking Metal Men. The Metal Men have a special […]

Len Wein To Write New Metal Men Series #DCJanuary

In January, announced in USA Today, DC Comics are launching a number of new series, not what we previously referred to as "Big October". And as well as Swamp Thing, Len Wein is writing a new Metal Men series. They've turned up in Justice League (above) and related series. We look forward to discovering if […]

Godzilla And The Metal Men Grab The Covers Of February's Previews

The front and covers of Diamond's Previews catalogues are serious comic book real estate. DC Comics are guaranteed a cover each month, as part of their initial exclusive deal with Diamond Comic Distributors. As a result of this Marvel got their own mini-Previews all to themselves, so they could always have the covers to that. […]

Metal Men – Losing My Definition

I don't know. You wait ages for a Kevin Maguire Metal Men to come along, you pick up the 100 page Metal Men Spectacular collecting the Metal Men backup strips from last year, out this week but suddenly… Well, it looks as if the artwork has been scanned in by a shoddy pirate. Except the […]