Gravity Falls To Make Leap To Comics?

MABEL, DIPPERPeter S. Svensson writes for Bleeding Cool.

Gravity Falls. One of the greatest American-made animated series in recent memory, it ended its second and final season with a brilliant finale in 2015. The often surreal adventures of Dipper and Mabel Pines, pre-teens on a summer vacation in the bizarre town of Gravity Falls, gained a cult following due to compelling mysteries and humor that goes over kid's heads.

Also they did a stealth crossover with Rick and Morty. (Seriously! A kids show that aired on Disney XD got away with that!)

Well, even though the series wrapped up its plotlines and purposefully ended its run, after a ludicrous amount of hiatuses and delays because no networks currently airing children's animation know how to handle serialized adventure series, it seems like creator Alex Hirsch may have more in mind with Gravity Falls thanks to these recent tweets:

Now, it's possible that Alex Hirsch is looking for fan artists who know how to do comics for something else entirely, but this does seem to strongly suggest that some sort of Gravity Falls comic project is if not officially in the works, at least being considered. Which would be fantastic. The series had a conclusive ending, but there's still room for stories set during the show's run, as well as the potential for possible post-series continuations. Which as we all know, every good TV series now gets a comic book that continues the storyline afterwards. (And some not-so-good TV series get them too!)

While there are plenty of fan artists salivating at the possibility to work with creator Alex Hirsch on the cult favorite series, there's one writer who I know would probably kill for a chance, Thunderbolts and Wayward writer Jim Zub. He's not only been dropping references to the series in Thunderbolts, (It's Kubik's favorite!) he's also cosplayed as series protagonist Dipper Pines. Now, Zub already has a track record of doing continuation comics of fantastic animated series *cough* Samurai Jack *cough*, so there's a good chance that he's already been tapped to write any potential Gravity Falls comics. But if he hasn't, and if Alex Hirsch is looking for someone who knows the medium, well… there you go.

Now, Joe Books has recently done some Gravity Falls cine-story volumes, using screen shots of the animated series to make a pseudo-comic, so it's likely that they have the comic continuation rights to Gravity Falls. Given their commitment to fan favorites like having Amy Mebberson on Disney Princesses or the current ongoing Darkwing Duck series, I'm pretty sure Gravity Falls would be in good hands there.

If it is going there, which we don't know. But I'll keep my fingers crossed.

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