Harrow County #27 Review: A Duel For The County

It's the showdown of Harrow County. Kimmi is threatening its residents with her malice and witchcraft. Bernice arrives with some witch-fighting tricks up her sleeve to stop Kimmi in her tracks. It's a duel for the soul of Harrow County.

Elsewhere, Emmy is coming to terms with some her actions and her history.

Harrow County #27 cover by Tyler Crook
Harrow County #27 cover by Tyler Crook

This issue of Harrow County is wall-to-wall eldritch action, with the battle between Bernice and Kimmi taking up much of the runtime. It is creatively gory fun, and it does a good job of establishing its rules beforehand. This allows the reader to not feel lost when something as innocuous as garlic turns into a body trap.

The fight is effectively weighty, as well. You get a strong feeling for what is at stake, and you feel attuned to how out of her depth and terrified Bernice is in this duel.

It's also, enjoyably, downright nuts. There are ghouls, the aforementioned gore, and skinless people all over the place. It is a deliciously macabre experience, but it keeps its heart. Bernice is a likable protagonist; Kimmi is delightfully evil. The two make for great opponents.

There is loss and tragedy to keep things tense; not everything is at it seems or as Bernice and Kimmi believe them to be. There are surprising turns which will affect how each character perceives reality from here on out. Writer Cullen Bunn has thrown a lot of power into this issue.

The art of Tyler Crook is a good balance of cartoonish innocence and gritty malice. This is a world with its own identity drawn into every corner. There is certainly a quirkiness to some of the character expressions and details, and it works as levity when the more horrific events take place. The comic balances itself masterfully, and Crook's work is incredible.

The back-up feature, Tales of Harrow County: The Combine, is a neat bit of fleshing out for the world. Crook wrote this one, and Alise Gluskova provides some solid art work for this section.

Harrow County #27 continues the tale of this little gothic corner of the world with aplomb and tenacity. It's an intense read, and it is creatively constructed. Bunn and Crook put together a great comic here, and I highly recommend it to fans of all things bloody and morbid. Give it a read.

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