Hero Collector DC Hardcovers & USS Sulaco Solicits For December 2021

Hero Collector from Eaglemoss is early doors for their October 2021 solicitations, with graphic novels from DC Comics and Alien/Predator XL ship models.


Hero Collector DC Graphic Novels and Alien/Predator Solicits For December 2021

#161 – Superman: Escape From Bizarro World
RRP: €16.99/£11.99 (not US available)
SKU: DCGEN161; Barcode: 5059072084710
Format: Hardcover
Print Spec: 176pp, 175 x 260mm
Author(s): Richard Donners, E. Nelson Bridwell, Geoff Johns, John Byrne
Artist(s): Curt Swan, Eric Powell, Wayne Boring, Eduardo Barreto, John Byrne
Product Description: Bizarro Am Go Away! Er, Bizarro has returned! The twisted reflection of Superman has kidnapped one of the most important people in Clark Kent's life – but what does Bizarro even want? There's only one way for the Man of Steel to find out – by travelling to his enemy's strange home, Bizarro World, in a story illustrated by Eric Powell, artist of The Goon! Also included are three classic tales of Bizarro!

DC Graphic Novels and Alien/Predator Solicits For December 2021

#162 – The Flash: Emergency Stop
RRP: €16.99/£11.99 (not US available)
SKU: DCGEN162; Barcode: 5059072084727
Format: Hardcovet
Print Spec: 168pp, 175 x 260mm
Author(s): Grant Morrison, Mark Millar
Artist(s): Paul Ryan, Steve Lightle, John Nyber
Product Description: After a run-in with a mysterious villain known only as The Suit, the Flash is confined to a wheelchair! With the Fastest Man Alive unable to keep pace, who will protect Keystone City from the forces of evil? This '90s epic comes from the pen of world-famous authors Grant Morrison and Mark Millar!

DC Graphic Novels and Alien/Predator Solicits For December 2021

Special #28 – Batman: Gotham Knights – Transference
RRP: €26.99/£22.99 (not US available)
SKU: DCGUK828, Barcode: 5059072092296
Format: Hardcover
Print Spec: 280pp, 175 x 260mm
Author(s): Jen Van Meter, Devin Grayson
Artist(s): Paul Ryan, Dale Eaglesham
Product Description: When a horrifying crime draws Batman's attention, he finds himself forced to revisit the ghosts of his past. Hugo Strange has returned, deadlier than ever, with disturbing designs on the Dark Knight's identity, and even the support of his entire family may not be enough to help Batman win the psychological battle – much less survive the war!


DC Graphic Novels and Alien/Predator Solicits For December 2021

#99 – Detective Comics: Gordon at War
RRP: €16.99/£11.99 (not US available)
SKU: DCLEN099, Barcode: 977251498222699
Format: Hardcover
Print Spec: 128pp, 175 x 260mm
Author(s): Ray Fawkes, Peter J. Tomasi
Artist(s): Scot Eaton, Fernando Pasarin
Product Description: As the new Dark Knight, former police commissioner Jim Gordon finally has the freedom to set his city to rights – but can he do so without betraying the system he helped build? While the new Batman grapples with these questions, a case from his past rises from the shadows to destroy him – if he doesn't destroy himself first…

#100 – The Dark Knight Strikes Again
RRP: €16.99/£11.99 (not US available)
SKU: DCLEN100, Barcode: 5059072081764
Format: Hardcover
Print Spec: 240pp, 175 x 260mm
Author(s): Frank Miller
Artist(s): Frank Miller
Product Description: The sequel to Frank Miller's 1986 masterpiece, The Dark Knight Returns! Three years after his climactic battle with Superman, the aged Batman returns to the fray – at the head of a rebel army, fighting for freedom from Lex Luthor's dictatorial regime! With former friends blackmailed into working for the government, and a mysterious killer picking off heroes one by one, the Dark Knight will need to go further than ever before…


#2 – USS Sulaco (XL)
RRP: $79.95/€59.99/£54.99
SKU: APSUK602; Barcode: 5059072018654
Model Length: ~337mm; Model Width: ~48mm
Model Weight: ~310g
Product Description: A workhorse warship bristling with antennae, the USS Sulaco was a troop transport for the Colonial Marines. In Aliens (1982), where it served to transport Ellen Ripley and a squad of marines to the doomed world of LV-426. There, they discovered the dark fate of the Hadley's Hope colony – at the hands (and jaws) of a Xenomorph infestation!
With its elongated exterior designed by Syd Mead (Blade Runner, Tron, Star Trek), and its cold, industrial interior designed by Ron Cobb (The Abyss, Total Recall, Back to the Future), the Sulaco immediately captured the imaginations of audiences worldwide. Its sinister, gun-like silhouette was a far cry from the clunky civilian mining vessel of the Nostromo – a reflection of Ripley's own transformation into a hardened survivor.

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